A letter to Roger Federer: “You proved to the world that magic never gets old”

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A letter to Roger Federer: “You proved to the world that magic never gets old”

As five months have already passed since the last official match with Roger Federer as one of the protagonists, fans around the world start to deeply miss their hero. Many of them are reminiscing and turning on old footage of his matches, but Abhay Kasavaraju, an Indian student passionate about writing, decided to sit down and write a touching letter to the Swiss Maestro.

In the letter, Abhay talked about how inspiring Roger was for him ever since his childhood. The young student talked about the historic Wimbledon final between Federer and Rafael Nadal while pointing out Roger’s fantastic ability to play with a smile on his face, showing every time his humble side.

Kasavaraju’s letter to Roger Federer

“Dear, Roger! I think I was six years old when I first watched you on T.V.. I was too young to understand the game and know who you really are. But when I watched you, I knew there was something special that would turn out to be a special part of my life similar to millions of others.

The newspapers regularly had your records in it, but your smile was what I admired the most. Got to know it was a child-like smile of humbleness, that spoke a lot about a simple man playing a game he loved so much, making millions of others fall in love with him and it.

I was eight when Rafa Nadal beat you at Wimbledon. I still did not understand tennis but I was heartbroken and in tears. Little did I know it was one of the greatest ever matches to be played and would be the start of a rivalry and a greater friendship between you two.

For me, July will always be the month of Federer, because you were more magical on grass court tournaments held then. You move like magic on court, every backhand of yours is poetry unparalleled. So many breathtaking moments flash in my mind, but at the end of them, whether you had won a point or lost it, there was always that calm smile.

Everyone said you grew old and that your shots lost their touch. Those career-ending injuries will mean you are never coming back. Three years ago, when you came back to the Australian Open, fought in every match like it was your last, smiled wider and hit the ball with precision, and defeated Rafa to win the title, you proved to the world that magic never gets old.

That year was an uncertain time of my life and your victory there was a light I needed. Like millions, I will be waiting to see you back on the court, to be the light and give us hope, to make us smile with you and fall a little bit more in love with the game, and make us believe in PeRFection and ourselves”.

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