'Many people had said Roger Federer couldn't do that anymore', says Croatian player

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'Many people had said Roger Federer couldn't do that anymore', says Croatian player

Roger Federer will be back on the field at the beginning of next season and many wonder if he will be able to return to the top of tennis. The pandemic forced the 20-time Grand Slam champion to give up on his two big 2020 goals: Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics.

The Swiss Maestro decided to take all the time necessary to recover from the double surgery and come back on the court when he is 100% fit. In a recent interview, World number 33 Borna Coric believes Federer is ‘certainly capable’ of winning more major titles next year.

Coric on Roger Federer

"We have been asking ourselves for the previous ten years, is this the last year of Roger Federer's career. Still, he keeps coming back, winning more Majors and other tournaments. It will not be easy for Roger to repeat that in 2021 but is certainly capable of doing that.

Many people had said he couldn't do that anymore, being too old, and then he comes back equally strong or even better. I'm not going to doubt him until he officially retires" - Borna Coric explained. No one wants to count the Swiss out for his returning powers are spectacular.

After the 2016 surgery he returned on tour to win his 25th Masters title from Stan Wawrinka at Indian Wells. He went on the get his 26th off of Rafael Nadal at the Miami Masters. Today's competition though is fierce with many strong players being almost half of Federer's age.

The knee surgeries and the world health crisis is playing roulette on Federer's return and superb tennis performances he's shown in the past. “A few weeks ago, having experienced a setback during my initial rehabilitation, I had to have an additional quick arthroscopic procedure on my right knee.

Now, much like I did leading up to the 2017 season, I plan to take the necessary time to be 100% ready to play at my highest level. I will be missing my fans and the tour dearly but, I will look forward to seeing everyone back on the tour at the start of the 2021 season,” wrote Federer on Twitter.

Federer refused to play without fans and will now return next season when fans would be allowed in the stadium. We hope to see Federer back in action at the Australian Open 2021.