Kyrgios: "Roger Federer is the best of all time"

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Kyrgios: "Roger Federer is the best of all time"

There are many tennis players and former players who claim that Roger Federer is GOAT. One of the last was Italian former legend Adriano Panatta. But Nick Kyrgios is also a great admirer of the Swiss Maestro. In recent years, especially thanks to social media, we have learned more about the character of some tennis players who often post their reactions, their comments and some moments of their life in the form of stories, video clips or photos.

Nick Kyrgios is one of these and is never banal in his posts. The Australian tennis player always says what he thinks about the cost of risking the media pillory. In recent days he has had complaints about what happened at the Adria Tour, expressing his disappointment for the type of tournament organized by hitting against Alexander Zverev guilty of not having respected the 14 days of mandatory quarantine, after participating in the tournament of discord wanted by Novak Djokovic, where many tennis players and coaches tested positive at Covid-19.

Instead, when Nick Kyrgios has to talk about Roger Federer, the calm returns. The Aussie has not hidden from me his admiration and the great respect, both on and off the court, that he has towards the Swiss tennis player. Just a few days ago Kyrgios himself defined him as "the best of all time" and on the ATP website they created a clip that highlights some phases of the game in which the Camberra tennis player is inspired by Federer.

In particular, the blow to which Kyrgios was most inspired is the SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger) which consists of advancing inside the court anticipating the response to the opponent's service in order to take it in counter-time and close the point directly or with the next shot.

The direct clashes between the 20-time Slam champion and Kyrgios say 6-1 in favor of Federer, with the only victory of the Australian going back to the Masters 1000 in Madrid in 2015 when the 25-year-old from Camberra prevailed for two sets in a match in to which three tiebreaks were played.The last victory of Federer in an official tournament is that of 2018 at the Us Open, where the Swiss ended the Kyrgios practice in three sets with the score of 6-4 / 6-1 / 7- 5.

Adriano Panatta also talked about the rivalry between Federer and Djokovic. The Italian has no doubts about who is the best ever: "Easy, Roger Federer. The statistics in favor of Djokovic don't interest me. I look at the complex.

The style, the hand, the completeness: Federer is, and always will be, the one who plays tennis better than everyone else," he said.