Roger Federer: 'I’ve struggled with my children'

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Roger Federer: 'I’ve struggled with my children'

A thousand pairs of "The Roger" sneakers in vegan fabric, numbered and super exclusive, inspired and created with the collaboration of tennis player Roger Federer, were sold in an auction in 48 hours. Despite the price not exactly within everyone's reach (about $ 250), the numbered shoes made of "vegan leather", as described on the website of the Swiss brand that made them, the On (of which Federer is an investor), the simple design sneakers with small golden details (to remember Federer's performances and victories at Wimbledon), are sold out since 8 July.

During the live stream telecast, one of his fans called up and asked Federer for advice on how to introduce tennis to his one-year-old kid.

Federer on his kids

“I’ve struggled with my children, you know. I tried to promote tennis in my household, playing a lot of matches against Rafa (Nadal), Novak (Djokovic), but they don’t care.

They don’t need daddy home from practice, from matches. But of course, we tried to put rackets in their hand, you know, a ball in the other, to see what happens you know" - Roger Federer said. “You get to know quickly which kid likes to play with the ball, or like to rather go running outside.

I think you see very quickly thew differences. Now, all four kids play tennis, because I don’t like to be the only guy whose kids don’t play tennis, especially with my background and my wife’s background. But what can you do? Honestly, going out there and trying again and again" - he added.

Federer continued, “In the beginning, you may need to bribe them a little. ‘You do well, you get a sweety’, there’s nothing wrong with that. We did that. You just keep on trying. If it’s really important to you, don’t be a crazy dad.

You know how it is, trust the coaches. Make sure you have fun when they’re young. And when they get older, like eight years, that’s when I started playing tournaments. Maybe that’s when you start to get a little more serious.

Maybe when 12 years old. But in the beginning, it’s all about having fun”. Federer has been in Switzerland since having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee five months ago, a little before the tennis tour shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, and underwent another procedure on the knee a month ago.

But the 38-year-old appeared in an online sponsor event for his new shoe company, On, talking about what he's been doing.