Will next season be a special one for Roger Federer?

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Will next season be a special one for Roger Federer?
Will next season be a special one for Roger Federer?

While most players are diligent at practicing and hoping they will be ready when tournaments resume from the coronavirus, Roger Federer is concentrating on rehabbing from two knee surgeries within four months. "...I'm confident about being at 100% ahead of next season," the Swiss tennis maestro had told the media.

Fans have seen him make remarkable comebacks but this season will be ending differently than years past. Most tournaments have been cancelled until next year, but the controversy remains if there will be a U.S. Open and French Open this year.

He had stayed in Switzerland during the Pandemic and began to like his renewed personal life. "...It's been very nice to be in Switzerland...For the last 25 years or so, I've been traveling...never spending two consecutive months at home..." Will next season be a special one for Roger Federer? It may be.

The start of this dramatic season, Federer made it through to the semifinals of the Australian Open, but was defeated by Novak Djokovic in 3 tough sets. Bushfires destroyed large parts of wildlife and the surrounding areas of the tournament 'down under'

Players developed breathing problems at practice and court time but the Slam was able to be completed despite adversities. Soon afterwards the Swiss had to go through arthroscopic surgery on his knees and announced his inability to play close to five tournaments.

It didn't matter though because then the coronavirus had hit and events were shut down. A worldwide health crisis prevailed while players were left wondering when the next tournament would or wouldn't take place.

The new normal conditions now are staying inside as much as possible, wearing a mask, washing hands constantly and practicing social distancing.

Tennis events that resumed had either no fans or spectators while others had barely 100.

When Roger Federer starts the 2021 season he will hopefully have good health and a new passion for starting another year. Surgeries behind him, he may very well make it through to the final of the Australian Open as he did in 2018 when he won over Marin Cilic.

There is a possibility the coronavirus epidemic will have subsided and crowds will be there to support him. But if the world health crisis continues to loom, Federer will have to learn to play without the crowds' support. He is adamant about the idea and tells the 'Tennis Now' media that "...I can't see an empty stadium...I can not.

I hope that doesn't happen...I really hope that the circuit can return as it normally is..." Federer may be in for an unexpected surprise if stadiums have to be empty and a large entourage won't be allowed. Will the zest for playing the sport he's did his entire lifetime continue or will he prefer to think strongly on retiring? The Swissman has told the Essentiallysports.com media that "It would be easier for me to retire now, but I wanna give myself a chance to keep enjoying my time on the court." The ATP's No.

4 guy has some tough younger competitors who will still be there and ready to disengage him of any titles he may feel he cannot obtain. The coming season will consist of many obstacles for Federer. The season may be a special one where he will see his usual choices of play cut.

He will be forced to deal with changes and Dudes who are developing their thunderous skills. Can Federer perfom at his usual caliber with heavier restrictions due to the pandemic conditions? Roger Federer knows he'll have to accept the things that he can't change or leave the game to the guys who can. Next season will be a special one for Roger Federer whether he likes it or not.

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