'I felt a bit nervous but fought well to beat Roger Federer', says former Top 5

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'I felt a bit nervous but fought well to beat Roger Federer', says former Top 5

At Wimbledon 2018, Kevin Anderson made the most memorable feat of his entire career. The South African tennis player defeated eight-time champion Roger Federer in the quarterfinals amid the dismay of Court 1. In a podcast, Kevin Anderson talked about his win over Roger Federer in the 2018 Wimbledon quarterfinals.

Anderson was down two sets and a match point in the third before recovering to down Federer 13-11 in the fifth.

Anderson on Roger Federer

"The match started really poorly for me," Kevin Anderson said. "I remember going out into the court and I kind of like messed up in terms of getting ready before the match.

I remembered all of a sudden we had a walkout time and I was not ready to walk out to the court at all. Playing Roger Federer at Wimbledon, you don't have too much flexibility. I remember being quite fragile taking the court and playing somebody like Roger who starts off matches so well.

I felt like I was really out of sorts in the first set," he added. "Even at the end of the second set, I was just quite pleased that I had settled down and I was at least giving myself the chance to compete. At that stage, I played better a few times but the nerves and just playing him just got the better of me," Anderson went on.

"I never felt like I had given myself a fresh shot against playing him. As the third set went on, I remember having the thought that even if I lost that match in straight sets, I thought there were some big improvements from me.

Be out there, feel comfortable," he admitted. "When the match point (for him) came along, my real thought was saving that point," Anderson reminisced. "Didn't really think too much of it and keep trying my hardest every single point.

Slowly I could find a way back into the match. Obviously, I did a very good job of keeping focus and staying relaxed, keeping up the belief in myself. As things went on in the fifth, it became very apparent that it was anybody's match," Anderson stated.

"Obviously, it was great to finally get the break. And then I felt pretty confident going out there, definitely felt a bit nervous, but I played a good game and fought well to get the win."