Edberg: 'Roger Federer floats around the court'

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Edberg: 'Roger Federer floats around the court'

Stefan Edberg collaborated with Roger Federer in the two-year period 2014-2015, providing considerable help to the Swiss champion who was back from a bad year in 2013 (the worst of his extraordinary career). With Stefan at his side Roger got the semifinals of the Australian Open in 2014 and won the first title together with the new technician in Dubai.

It was a particular year for Roger who was a finalist in Indian Wells and Monte Carlo, defended his title in Halle and advanced to the Wimbledon final. At the end of the season Federer had conquered the tournaments of Cincinnati, Shanghai and Basel, reached the semifinals at the Us Open and was stopped at the Finals only by a back injury.

For the first time in three years, Roger won six ATP titles: Brisbane, Dubai, Instanbul, Halle, Cincinnati and Basel. During that season Roger showed a very sharp and aggressive tennis, he often came to the net and often tried to take stock.

At the end of the year, after a partnership that lasted even longer than expected (initially there was talk of a maximum of 12 months), Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg officially closed their partnership, while still remaining in excellent relationships.

In a recent appearance on Eurosport with Mats Wilander and Boris Becker, former World number 1 Stefan Edberg talked about Roger Federer.

Edberg on Roger Federer

“Like I said to Roger Federer, he looks so easy when he plays, he floats around the court.

He’s got grace, he’s got power, he’s got touch, he’s got everything you wish for. He’s almost the perfect tennis player as I see it—both on and off-court. So he’s very special like we all know" - Stefan Edberg said.

Although being deprived of the chance to see the Swiss maestro weave his magic on the court might be disappointing to most, fans can take solace from the fact that the decision could help extend his longevity at the highest level.

In 2017 when Roger Federer came back after a six-month layoff for a left knee surgery, he went on an absolute tear. Luthi says Federer is on the mend and they are already focused on next season. “Roger is doing well. Rehabilitation has gone according to plan after the second surgery.

No big intensity until now, he will start a physical fitness block with Pierre Paganini shortly,” he told Swiss broadcaster SRF.