Roger Federer: "I thought my career was over at 28 years-old"

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Roger Federer: "I thought my career was over at 28 years-old"

Within an Indian podcast Roger Federer talked again about the possibility of an eventual retirement from the Game. During the interview Federer revealed: "It was 2009, and I had won the Roland Garros and, subsequently, I had won Wimbledon after the final against Andy Roddick.

My two daughters were born and I thought it was over. Then I realized that I was only 28 years-old and that I still had a lot to give to the tennis world. Of course, if then, someone would have told me that in 2020 I was still busy playing at 39 and that in 2017 I would have returned after the surgeries and I would have returned to winning, I would have said: "Are you crazy?" The truth is that, as long as I run no health risks, I have the support of my children and my constant wife, I believe that I will continue to compete and I hope to continue fighting with the best.

Go around? Well, I have been traveling around the world for 20 years and traveling is not my priority. Of course, when we are all at home it becomes hard for us. During the Lockdown stay at home was a pleasant experience, after all it was 25 years that was not the case.


Roger Federer's future plans

Roger Federer is expected for the first tournaments in 2021 and as a result the resumption of the calendar between August and September 2020 will not be present on the circuit.
After advertising his new line of shoes The Roger, the Swiss champion Roger Federer has released some interesting statements where he has dealt with different themes.

With Wimbledon and Tokyo gone, he decided to do a second surgery and permanently solve the problems: with over six months of recovery, rest, and training (in order, of course), Federer could be fresh and in excellent shape already from the Australian Open 2020 , with his opponents who, from the end of August to the end of the season, will have to play many matches in a few weeks, after many months of stop, exhausting their physique.

The Swiss Maestro participated this year only in the Australian Open, a tournament where it arrived in the semifinal (then lost against the number 1 in the world Novak Djokovic) and the performance in Cape Town against its always rival Rafael Nadal.

Subsequently, the tennis player underwent a double surgery and then decided to postpone his return to the competitions until 2021. The hope of Federer and most of his fans is that this choice replicates the situation made in 2017 with Roger Federer returning from an injury and winner of the Australian Open and Wimbledon thanks to an extraordinary tennis.