Why Roger Federer could come back before the Australian Open

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Why Roger Federer could come back before the Australian Open

At the announcement of his second surgery on his right knee, many tennis fans feared that for Roger Federer, this time, it could really be the end. He will celebrate his 39th birthday on 8 August, and the Swiss is no longer a boy: the next season he will have to come back on the ATP Tour after almost twelve months of stop.

With Wimbledon and Tokyo gone, he decided to do a second surgery and permanently solve the problems: with over six months of recovery, rest, and training (in order, of course), Federer could be fresh and in excellent shape already from the Australian Open 2020 , with his opponents who, from the end of August to the end of the season, will have to play many matches in a few weeks, after many months of stop, exhausting their physique.

However, the conditions of the Swiss Maestro seems to have improved somewhat in recent weeks and this could prove particularly important for him.

Severin Luthi: "Federer is fine. We will resume training soon"

To update us on the situation of the winner of 20 Slams (8 Wimbledon, 6 Australian Open, 5 US Open, 1 French Open) is once again his historic coach and friend Severin Luthi, who said: “Roger is fine.

Very well, but this is not surprising if you know his habit of always seeing the positive side of things. He is doing physiotherapy, he has started working in fact also from a physical point of view. The next step will be to pick up the racket in mid-August."

Despite the official return of the Swiss player is only officially foreseen for the Australian Open 2021, Luthi has not completely ruled out a possible anticipation: “We remain faithful to what has already been established, therefore Roger will return to Melbourne in 2021, provided that the tournament land.

In any case, we are discussing the opportunity to take part in an appointment even before the Australian Slam " Luthi finally spoke of the circuit's recovery, scheduled for next August in the United States: “Two months ago I was ready to bet that the 2020 season was over, but the Grand Slams are only pushing for a recovery of the circuit.

But I believe that for the US Open there are 50 and 50 " Already four years ago Roger had to be absent from the tour for several months due to an injury: after this break, the Swiss returned to the field in Melbourne conquering the Australian Slam for the first time in seven years, before repeating himself also in Wimbledon , winner on Marin Cilic. In 2018, therefore, he successfully defended his title at the Australian Open, reaching 20 Slam.