Roger Federer: I have been dealing with questions over retirement since 2009

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Roger Federer: I have been dealing with questions over retirement since 2009

Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer , 38, says for over a decade now he has been asked questions regarding his retirement. Federer, who is set to turn 39 years this coming August, still loves competing and he is still one of the top players on the Tour.

"Every day from the people around me, the media. Since 2009 they are picking on this since I won the French Open and then Wimbledon, when I broke the Grand Slam record. Then there was the birth of the girls. Then was clear: Now it‘s over," Federer said in Sportpanorama on SRF Sport.

When the talk regarding Federer's retirement came for the first time in 2009, the Swiss himself was surprised since at the time he was at his peak form.

"I was 27, 28 back then. I thought: What‘s that? I was at a super high and loved playing tennis. I wanted to do it together with the kids but when it wouldn‘t work I would have stopped. But not because I was happy and thought that I achieved everything and it had to end.

But I know of course that I‘m closer to the end of my career than the beginning. I can‘t say what will be in 2 years. That‘s why I did a year by year planning. I do mostly a one, one and a half year planning together with Mirka for my family, for my tennis, for my health.

At the moment I‘m still happy to play but I know when the gearwheel won‘t work anymore the air gets thinner soon," Federer said.

Federer's coach positively surprised by the 38-year-old's commitment to the game

Coach Pierre Paganini didn't want to make it too hard on Federer but the Swiss had no problems working out hard.

"Sure, for important things you take time and this is something important. But I haven‘t been sitting together with Mirka or the team and saying: 'Do we still want to do this?' There was a moment when Pierre Paganini asked me – as we do a 16 to 24 weeks fitness block.

I said: „Ok.“ And he: „And this is ok for you? I mean that‘s much and long. Do you want to do it?“ „No, it‘s ok for me. But you are right, it‘s long indeed. I think I still want to do it.“ I said to myself that I prefer this rehab and fitness stage while I‘m still active as later on I won‘t do much as I will be lazy. Now I have a goal in front of my eyes and with this it‘s easier to manage. I still enjoy playing."