Roger Federer: I've been on Tour for 20 years and now I'm happy to calm year

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Roger Federer: I've been on Tour for 20 years and now I'm happy to calm year

Swiss Roger Federer reveals he hasn't started his mental preparations for the Tokyo Olympics as he is happy to have a more calm year and he suggests most players are happy to have a lengthy break. The season has been suspended since March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the plan is to restart the season in August.

"No (I haven't started mental preparations for the Tokyo Olympics), Federer said in Sportpanorama on SRF Sport. "When you have been on the tour for 20 years you are happy to have a more calm year. We have so many matches and competitions that whenever you take a break you know that someone else is winning in that time.

That‘s why it is extremely difficult to say: I take a break. Now everyone are forced to have a break and I think that 90% of the players are thinking: Fortunately I can have a break. Tennis is constant and nonstop. You couldn‘t really prepare for Tokyo as there would have been 20 tournaments before.

They are also very important, even though maybe not as important as Olympics, which have another significance. But we have many big events. That‘s why honestly said the preparation just starts 3 months in before. You have the block in tennis with French Open, Wimbledon and Olympic Games.

It depends on which surface it is even though in tennis it‘s classic on hardcourt in Tokyo. Everyone can play on hardcourt but you have to specially prepare for clay and grass."

Federer not used to being at one place for a longer period of time

Sitting at home with his family for an extended period of time isn't something to what Federer is used to but he has absolutely enjoyed it these past few months.

"For the first time in 20 years I have been at one place for 5, 6 weeks. Of course I enjoy it. We have been incredibly careful and haven‘t seen my parents and friends. We took everything serious which is the right way as it‘s not been over yet.

That‘s why I didn‘t do any interviews and keep distance in everything I do. That‘s very important for us. When you are having an injury you can‘t do much anyway and have more calm moments at home. You don‘t have the stress of the next competition and match, you don‘t have nerves, you don‘t have the strain from travelling and having a jet-lag, you aren‘t tired etc. You can enjoy your family life way more," Federer said.