Will challenges overpower Roger Federer in 2021?

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Will challenges overpower Roger Federer in 2021?

The last time Roger Federer stepped foot on the competitive court was in January at the Australian Open. It was a tough loss to Novak Djokovic with a three straight set defeat. The Swiss wasn't his normal vibrant self, suffering from a chronic knee injury that flared up at the wrong place and time.

"I wasn't able to serve it out to be honest. I should have found a way to do that..." Federer disgustingly said. But will Federer face even more challenges than handling Djokovic in 2021? The Swiss is quite realistic about his tennis future saying "..I feel much better already, I'm not at the level where I can play tennis fully yet, but I'm confident about being at 100% ahead of the next season."

He has time to heal, recuperate, get therapy and then to begin practicing. He doesn't have to be concerned about being quarantined, contracting the virus while traveling or in the playing atmosphere. Federer's tennis comrades have those situations and it would be great to all if the world health crisis will have disappeared or be at a very minimal level by then.

Roger Federer must face returning on tour after hardly any competition.

It may be difficult getting back in form since practice isn't the same as performing at a real match. By the time the Swiss returns, his comrades would have gone through several tournaments, sharpening their games dramatically.

Traveling again would be different. It was in March that the Pandemic hit leaving events cancelled and players sent back to their hometowns. Would the family go with him to various tournaments or prefer to stay home? Would it be healthy for them to be with him? The idea of remaining home was pleasant to Federer during the lockdown and he expressed that "For me, it's been very nice to be in Switzerland...we have been for four or five months enjoying ourselves."

The Swiss still thinks about his competitors and wonders if he'll keep his skills intact to produce winners as before? He admitted after his loss to Djokovic at the Australian Open saying "I don't think I would go on court thinking I had no chance to win."

Roger Federer will be facing many challenges in 2021, but what keeps him grounded is the harsh reality that he says "..you never know what the future holds..."