'If any tennis match is going on, you want Roger Federer to win', says Indian star

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'If any tennis match is going on, you want Roger Federer to win', says Indian star

Roger Federer's return to the court is approaching: after the surgery on his right knee he resumed his physical preparation and in mid-August he will pick up his racket again. This was revealed by his coach Severin Luhti to the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

According to Luhti, the operated knee is fine and in a couple of weeks Federer will start playing again, but this will not change the plans for this season, already considered closed. During his amazing career, the former World number 1 has built a massive fan base not just in Europe but in all corners of the world.

While chatting with fellow Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal on the BCCI website, Indian skipper Virat Kohli revealed that meeting Roger Federer was very special for both him and his wife Anushka Sharma.

Kohli on Roger Federer

"It was very special," said Virat Kohli.

"I had met him a few times before but Anushak had not. We both love Roger Federer!" - he added. "I think the whole world is a fan of Roger. I have never seen any one person so well connected with the world. If any tennis match is going on, you always want Roger to win," asserted Kohli.

"He is so humble, so kind," Kohli said. "He was in a meeting and we were waiting on the side and he just came, didn't even sit. He just stood there and spoke to us while he was going nonstop from one place to another for meetings.

We spoke for half an hour and discussed things. For him, how the Australian Open is going, who he is going to play tomorrow, stuff like that. It was a very, very special chat," he added. The Swiss Maestro acknowledges that he is getting old and so he is taking it year by year.

Federer is still happy and when he won’t be able to compete he will stop. But he will always play tennis even when he grows older and retires. “I can not say what will be in 2 years. That’s why I plan year after year.

I’m still happy right now. But when the cogwheels don’t grip anymore, I stop”. he said. “When I am old, I will definitely still play tennis. But no longer train, just ball” - he added. Hopefully, we will see him winning some Grand Slams in 2021 just like he did in 2017.