'Roger Federer was always cursing', says former World No. 3

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'Roger Federer was always cursing', says former World No. 3

The two knee operations will keep Roger Federer away from the ATP Tour for the rest of the 2020 season. The last official match played by the Swiss is the Australian Open semifinal lost in three sets by Djokovic, but before ending up under the knife and a few weeks later in quarantine he also managed to perform in front of 52,000 South Africans in Cape Town, against his longtime rival, Rafa Nadal.

Speaking on "The Tennis Podcast" with David Law, former French star Yannick Noah talked about how Federer transformed himself from a temperamental youngster into a calm statesman.

Noah on Roger Federer

"I was in Melbourne, and I am at Pat Cash's place.

McEnroe is playing Pernfors. He is probably gonna win and come and join us for the barbecue. So we watching the game, and the code of conduct was starting. It was actually made for John, mostly," Yannick Noah explained. "All of a sudden there is a problem, and I'm playing Pernfors.

John was disqualified, out of the Australian Open. He came to the barbecue and was upset," Noah added. The Frenchman himself pointed out how Roger Federer became successful only after he learned to control his emotions. "Even Roger Federer as a junior was a little brat, as a junior he was a little spoilt brat breaking racquets.

Roger Federer was always cursing. Then he became this Zen Master, it is beautiful. But these guys learned the game with these rules," Noah stated. Federer is currently out for the rest of the year following knee surgery, and has previously admitted he seriously considered if it was time to hang up his racket.

“I think I still have things to do,” Federer said. "It is crazy for me to think that I have been travelling the circuit for more than 23 years. Everything has happened very quickly. I have had a great time. It seems like I was a junior just five years ago but it really will be 25 years now.

I am grateful to continue having the passion to continue playing. My physical trainer programmed me a training block for 20 weeks and asked me if I wanted to do it and I said ‘yes, of course." Before hitting the tennis court Roger will be carrying out his fitness training sessions with his longtime fitness coach Pierre Paganini. And his entire tennis is hoping to reproduce similar comeback results like in the year 2017.