'Most people who play tennis are fascinated by Roger Federer', says Next Gen

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'Most people who play tennis are fascinated by Roger Federer', says Next Gen

Roger Federer is probably the most elegant tennis player to have ever picked up a racket. In addition to having won 20 Grand Slam titles (all-time records), the Swiss phenomenon has also become an example off the field, despite the fact that at the beginning of his career there were serious doubts about his effective mental tenure.

Several players in the past have praised the former World number 1 for his humility and modesty, without forgetting the availability always shown by Roger towards the younger ones. Hubert Hurkcaz, who had the opportunity to face Federer in Indian Wells in 2019, described the Basel veteran as a very friendly and cordial person who never lets go of presumptuous behavior.

The Polish has trained several times with the eight-time Wimbledon champion, thus managing to improve his tennis.

Hurkacz on Roger Federer

"Everyone says hi to each other. I think there is generally a good atmosphere in the tennis world.

Most players like each other. They are usually very positive and open-minded people," Hubert Hurkacz said. "It is said that most people who play tennis professionally are fascinated by the person of Roger Federer. The Swiss does not build walls, although theoretically he could say - I'm enclosing myself," Hurkacz said about Roger Federer.

"Ever since my first big tournament, and later on as well, I could casually talk to him. He’s a very open and modest person. It’s really cool,” Hurkacz added. After undergoing two operations on his right knee, Federer is still struggling with rehab and will be back on the pitch early next season.

The Swiss has already targeted Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics in the hope of winning one of the few awards still missing from his never-ending showcase. In the meantime, Roger will have to watch out for Rafael Nadal, who would win him at 20 Major if he wins in New York or Paris.

Earlier this week, Federer’s coach Severin Luthi disclosed that the Swiss player is planning to return only at the Australian Open in January 2021. Federer is currently working his way back from double knee surgery and has ruled out playing again this season.

His team revealed his planned return date, although they admit it is still very much subject to change, not least due to the current coronavirus crisis. Federer is expected to start normal training on a court by the middle of August.