Roger Federer: 'The break would have been welcomed by several players because...'

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Roger Federer: 'The break would have been welcomed by several players because...'

Roger Federer's career has lasted for over two decades, the Swiss champion has won almost everything that could be won in the world of tennis and beyond this he has managed to build a large fan base not only in Europe but in any corner of the planet.

We are talking about a tennis player who goes beyond tennis, a universal icon that has a charm and success that can cross any geographical or cultural barrier. In a recent interview with SRFSport, the Swiss maestro opened up on various issues including his injury, the retirement concerns and his family.

Federer: 'Tennis has a non-stop schedule'

"When you have been on the tour for 20 years, you are happy to have a quieter season," Roger Federer said. "Now they are all forced to stay still and I think 90% of the players are a little happy about this .

Tennis has a non-stop schedule," asserted the World No. 4. After surgery in February, Federer needed another operation in June after struggling with his rehabilitation. The 38-year-old took the decision to end his 2020 season and give himself more time to fully recover.

And Luthi has revealed the 20-time Grand Slam champion is in better spirits and has already started working on his physical conditioning. "Roger is fine. He's very good, but that’s not surprising when you know how he always sees the positive side of things," Luthi said at a press conference.

However, Roger is also working his way back from double knee-surgery, and he says he must be realistic about the prospect of hanging up his racket. “It is already clear that I am at the end of my career,” Roger Federer told SRFSports.

“I cannot say what will be in two years. That’s why I plan year after year. I’m still happy right now. But when the cogwheels don’t grip anymore, I stop. When I am old, I will surely play tennis. But no longer train but just ‘ball’.

It will be a very interesting step not to always work on something and only to play with colleagues”. Meanwhile, a program with Roger Federer in which the logo of the new sports shoes of the tennis ace has often been shown embarrasses the Swiss-German television SRF.

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) wants to see us clearly and understand if the advertising provisions have been violated. Pommel of the discord were the repeated shots through which the Federer footwear logo was clearly visible.

Similar discourse for the sneakers themselves, which appeared clearly on the screen. The former number one in the world is co-owner of "On", the brand with which he developed his shoes. For its part, Spirig is under contract with the company.