Roger Federer: 'I can play while standing but without moving'

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Roger Federer: 'I can play while standing but without moving'

It is genuinely difficult to imagine tennis without Roger Federer, a timeless legend who has written entire pages of history. However, the Swiss phenomenon only played in the Australian Open this year, before going to South Africa for a charity exhibition with his friend and rival Rafael Nadal.

The aforementioned match took place on 7th February and set a new spectator record for a tennis match with almost 52,000 people in the stands. The 20-time Grand Slam champion then underwent a double operation on his right knee, which will keep him in the pits until the beginning of next season.

As already happened in 2016, the former number 1 in the world has decided to take it easy to return to 100% of the form. Interviewed by SRFSport in recent days, Roger analyzed in detail his prolonged absence from the tennis courts.

Federer: 'I hit the wall several times'

“I've only played once since that game in South Africa," Roger Federer revealed. "I also hope that I will still be able to play tennis when I come back. Well, I hit the wall several times.

But I am only found once on a court”. Speaking about his immense love towards tennis, Roger Federer said: “When I get old, I will certainly continue to play too. As long as my body will allow me, just for fun. I will play tennis all my life.

Of course, this (situation) is extreme. I can play while standing but without moving. But I still have so much time in front of me,” Federer concluded. Federer has already targeted Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics next year, as the Coronavirus emergency has upset the international calendar of all disciplines.

It is not yet known whether 2021 will be the last season for Roger, who has repeatedly stunned the whole world. “At the situation I‘m in right now I have to honestly say that I would be glad to participate. When I‘m 100% fit I would be happy to get a medal.

And when I won‘t have one I will be disappointed but I know that I gave everything and can look back proudly: Tokyo has been great, it was another experience and I could participate at another Olympic Games,” he admitted.

“I think it‘s already a success for me when I‘m at 100% and can participate. But a medal should be the goal,” said Federer.