Roger Federer: "I think 90% of tennis players liked the Lockdown"

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Roger Federer: "I think 90% of tennis players liked the Lockdown"

With a message that left most fans shocked, Roger Federer announced a few months ago that he would undergo surgery that would keep him still for some time. The Swiss Maestro, after a scheduled break between the Australian Open and Wimbledon, and thanks to the emergency linked to the Global Pandemic that has hit the whole world, has announced a second surgery and to remain on the box until the Australian Open 2021.

In a recent interview with SRFSport, the Federer dealt with various issues, talking about his injury, his possible withdrawal and the problem related to the virus. Roger Federer said: "When you have been on tour for over 20 years, you are happy to have a quieter season.

Now everyone has been forced to remain still and basically I think 90% of tennis players are happy with this thing. Tennis has a non-stop program, we never stop." Not all tennis players, however, think like Roger Federer and many instead want to come back as soon as possible, mainly due to economic problems.

One of them is the Australian tennis player Andrew Harris who recently attacked the former No. 1 hard in the world: "I know that Roger Federer counts money first of all. He could say in public what people want to hear, but when it comes to talking to help redistribute money for lower level players, Roger remains silent."

The Swiss champion aims to do well in 2021 and perhaps triumph in the Wimbledon edition and in the 2021 Olympic games. One of Roger's objectives is also to try to maintain, perhaps by triumphing in some other Slam, the leadership among those who they have more Slams in their career: Federer leads the ranking with 20 titles, ahead of the 19 of the eternal rival Rafael Nadal and 17 of the last member of the Big Three, Novak Djokovic.

The latter triumphed in the last Slam at the Australian Open thanks to a success in 5 sets on the Austrian Dominic Thiem.

Why Roger Federer could come back before the Australian Open

To update us on the situation of the winner of 20 Slams (8 Wimbledon, 6 Australian Open, 5 US Open, 1 French Open) is once again his historic coach and friend Severin Luthi, who said: “Roger is fine.

Very well, but this is not surprising if you know his habit of always seeing the positive side of things. He is doing physiotherapy, he has started working in fact also from a physical point of view. The next step will be to pick up the racket in mid-August."

Despite the official return of the Swiss player is only officially foreseen for the Australian Open 2021, Luthi has not completely ruled out a possible anticipation: “We remain faithful to what has already been established, therefore Roger will return to Melbourne in 2021, provided that the tournament land.

In any case, we are discussing the opportunity to take part in an appointment even before the Australian Slam." Luthi finally spoke of the Tour's recovery, scheduled for next August in the United States:“ Two months ago I was ready to bet that the 2020 season was over, but the Grand Slams are only pushing for a recovery of the Tour.