"Roger Federer loves tiramisu and doesn't swear," said ...

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"Roger Federer loves tiramisu and doesn't swear," said ...

Roger Federer made a beautiful surprise to Vittoria and Carola, the two young Italian tennis players who, during the lockdown, played tennis on the rooftops of two buildings in Genoa, in Northern Italy. The video went viral on social media: so many that Barilla, one of Roger Federer´s main sponsors, decided to pay homage to the two girls and their video that gave hope to many people during this difficult moment, making them a surprise with the entrance on the rooftop by Roger Federer.

The Swiss Maestro played tennis with the two girls, giving them advice and giving them an unforgettable day. During an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Vittoria and Carola said: "When we saw him we didn´t think he was a look-alike, but rather a mannequin, we were amazed.

He is our idol and at lunch he was very nice and helpful. He recommended us to play tennis with joy and without any tension, then we taught him a few words of Italian: gnocchi, bruschetta, bye, good morning and good evening.

The swear words? No, he is too cute! "

Why Roger Federer loves tiramisu

Roger Federer changed his mind about tiramisu, the famous Italian dessert, which the Swiss champion appreciates very much today: "He told us that as a kid he didn´t appreciate it, then he changed his mind and tried to taste it in many of the restaurants that travel around the world they brought him to attend," said the two girls during the interview.

Vittoria and Carolan then told how Roger gave them another surprise that also concerns his friend and rival Rafael Nadal: "Roger said he booked a stage for us all at the Rafael Nadal Academy in Mallorca, because he and Rafa are great rivals, but also very close friends," said the two Italian girls.

After a first surgery on his right knee and all the lackdowns across the World, Roger Federer decided to undergo a second surgery on his right knee, and then he returned to competition in 2021, starting from the Australian Open.

The Swiss Maestro, after the cancellation of Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, moved to 2020, decided to skip the rest of the season and focus directly on 2021, perhaps his last year as a professional, trying to end his career with the last two dreams: the Olympic gold medal and its 9th Wimbledon title.