Roger Federer: 'The passion does not go away just because of a lockdown'

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Roger Federer: 'The passion does not go away just because of a lockdown'

Even when he is away from the tennis courts, Roger Federer still manages to get talked about. Many were excited in front of the Barilla spot where the Swiss phenomenon improvised a game on the roofs of Finale Ligure together with Vittoria and Carola, the two Italian girls who became famous thanks to a video made during the lockdown.

While engaged in a simple interview, Vittoria and Carola received an unexpected visit from their idol, who talked to them before inviting them to lunch. The 20-time Grand Slam champion, after taking a few photos with them, invited them for an internship in the Academy of his eternal rival Rafael Nadal.

On the sidelines of the shoot, the former World number 1 admitted to being thrilled by watching the video of the two girls on social media.

Roger Federer surprises rooftop tennis stars

“When I saw the video on social media from the girls, I thought what a wonderful idea.

The passion does not go away just because of a lockdown. The video resonated with a lot of people and with me too,” Roger Federer said in a behind-the-scenes video posted by Barilla. “The encounter with the girls was very nice for me.

It was an extraordinary place to play on the rooftop with them. Of course, I had seen it on social media but then to be here in person at this location where they played was great,” Federer said further. “This was the first time in a long long time that I played tennis again.

This is why we lost a lot of balls going down on the trucks,” Federer said. “With Vitoria and Carola we were laughing a lot. They could not believe I was making so many mistakes. That was the beauty of it today that actually I wasn’t better than them today.

They were better than me sometimes,” Federer expressed. “They had the home-court advantage here. Not me,” he joked. The Basel veteran, who will turn 39 on August 8, has only played in the Australian Open this year and will be back on the tennis court early next season (perhaps the last of his unparalleled career).

Federer is turning 39 in a few days and surely there will be a slight thought of retirement. In many interviews during this lockdown, he has iterated that his priorities could change and he would give more focus to his children and family.