Noah Rubin explains why Roger Federer is more likeable than Novak Djokovic

Also, Marion Bartoli insists can't get away with his mistakes without being criticized.

by Dzevad Mesic
Noah Rubin explains why Roger Federer is more likeable than Novak Djokovic

American tennis player Noah Rubin suggests that Roger Federer somehow managed to create this "perfect persona," while most fans still remember some of Novak Djokovic's past mistakes. It's a well-known thing record 20-time Roger Federer is more likeable on the Tour than world No.

1 Djokovic and recently some have tried to explain the reasons behind that. "Over the years, whether it is because of being the fan favorite or something else, Roger Federer has created this persona," Rubin said on the Tennis Major podcast Match Point, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"I think a lot of fans also remember Novak Djokovic and his scandal about faking an injury and other things he started, for which he got a PR team to build him up from those positions." Rubin was likely referring to the incident that occurred during the 2015 Australian Open final, after which the Serb was criticized for falling to the floor and limping between points.

Three-time Grand Slam champion Murray later claimed he was distracted by it all. "There's some mistakes that Djokovic has made. Federer has as well but at different levels. I think at this point, they are on different pedestals.

I do think that Djokovic has to fight what the media is saying but Federer has built this from the ground up, he has worked very hard," Rubin added. "Federer was a racquet-throwing 18-year-old that turned into this perfect persona, that despite making a few mistakes, has upheld those high standards."

Marion Bartoli claims Federer will also be criticized, if needed

2013 Wimbledon champion Bartoli thinks the treatment isn't that different for Djokovic and Federer and the latter would also be criticized after makinag a mistake.

"I don't think we protect Roger every single time," Bartoli said. "He has been able to build this image of the perfect person. Knowing him, he is not far from it but he has made mistakes, like recently he was photographed with somebody without a mask in pictures that came up online." "I don't think the treatment is that different for Novak and Roger, and Djokovic will learn from what he has done and the consequences.

He will probably try to build a better persona, but to say Roger can do anything and nobody will touch him is taking it too far."

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