'We should be thankful for Roger Federer's longevity', says former Australian player

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'We should be thankful for Roger Federer's longevity', says former Australian player

A couple of weeks before the circuit stopped due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus emergency, Roger Federer announced that he would remain in the pits for a few months due to an operation on his right knee. The Swiss phenomenon, whose goal was to return for the start of the season on grass, had a setback in the rehabilitation phase, which forced him to undergo further surgery.

As had already happened in 2016, the former World number 1 preferred to close the year early, preferring to recover calmly in view of 2021. The ATP tour should restart at the end of this month, but there are still big doubts about the away to the United States.

Certainly the global nature of tennis does not help, as does the need for players to have to cross different countries to play tournaments. However, some fans on Twitter believe that the delay in the resumption of tennis is due to the absence of Federer.

Former Wimbledon doubles champion Rennae Stubbs responded harshly to such allegations.

Stubbs on Roger Federer

“Tennis not back earlier because of no Roger Federer! OMG , that’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard.

Don’t at me back on this one!” Rennae Stubbs tweeted. “You think Madrid needs Roger to make money? You think the Canadian open needs Roger to make money? You think Monte Carlo, Queens, Wimbledon, Cincinnati needs Roger? Many of those tournaments haven’t had Roger before and gone ahead and been just fine,” Stubbs said.

“I know how important and influential he and team 8 are but there is NO way they’re that important," Stubbs went on. "Roger Federer has done more for the popularity of tennis than almost anyone in history.

Instead of ripping him, we should be thankful for him & his longevity, I am. I’m also thankful 4 Rafa & Novak" - she added. As per a report in Marca, the USTA and the ATP held an online meeting with the top male players to discuss the road ahead on organizing the US Open.

In that meeting, Marca says, the top 20 players took a stand and said that they are not in favor of traveling for the US Open if the rules regarding quarantine are not clear. In the last few weeks, many players decided against traveling for the event due to quarantine rules.

Earlier, reports suggested that world number one Novak Djokovic soon wants clarity from the ATP and other concerned authorities about the status of quarantine. Djokovic is the President of the ATP Players’ Council. This is a major concern for Djokovic and some of the other top players.