'Roger Federer is the best at handling emotions', says bowling champion

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'Roger Federer is the best at handling emotions', says bowling champion

Roger Federer is widely regarded not only as the greatest player of all time, but he is also one of the most loved sportsmen in the world. Thanks to an elegant playing style and a clean image off the court, the Swiss phenomenon is adored by fans and admired even by his own rivals.

We often wonder how much of his success is due to his natural talent and how much to his work ethic. We must not forget that the former World number 1 had so many problems early in his career, when he was struggling to channel his infinite potential in the right direction.

Speaking on the radio program 'Derribando Obstaculos', Argentine bowling champion Lucas Legnani compared Federer and Nadal to two football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Legnani on Roger Federer

"While Messi had fewer doors to open to become the great player he is maybe, you realize that there is a lack of access to understanding," Lucas Legnani said.

"People like to say Ronaldo is a phenomenon because of his marketability; yet it is not marketing, the kid is really a beast. A parallel example of it in tennis is Rafael Nadal" - he added. "Rafa has plenty of talent today because he discovered it along the way.

But the truth is that the road was physical for him, a path where the guy had to work incredibly hard. Rafa and Cristiano they are not just marketing, they are pure effort and dedication. However, this does not mean Roger Federer and Lionel Messi don't work hard," Legnani added.

"Federer and Messi arrived because they are simply talented. The two had many doors that they had to open the correct way and many more that they could open in order to get there." Legnani also spoke about the frustrations that an athlete goes through when they are having a bad day or performing below expectations.

"For me, Roger Federer," the Argentine said. "Everyone in tennis breaks racquets as if they have own a factory of racquets. But if you see Roger Federer he never breaks racquets, not even close to it. I know he uses the fight inside him for something really important on court.

It is inevitable to break racquets for tennis players when they see nothing working for them. But Federer automatically focuses on what is next because if not, if you keep dragging what happened earlier, it is useless," Legnani said.