'Roger Federer always finds motivation', says Indian star

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'Roger Federer always finds motivation', says Indian star

In addition to being a great champion Roger Federer will probably be remembered as one of the longest-lived athletes of all time. Currently the Swiss talent is already 39 years old and yet he has no intention of retiring and is already thinking about the start of the 2021 season.

This season Federer has undergone double surgery that will keep him out for the rest of the year. This season Roger played only in the Australian Open, a tournament that saw him lose only in the semifinals against the winner of the tournament, the World number 1 Novak Djokovic.

In a recent interview with Telangana Today, star Indian cricketer Mithali Raj spoke about how performance and motivation are important at her age, and also revealed how Roger Federer inspires her to continue giving her best.

Raj on Roger Federer

“Performance is important and not age," Mithali Raj explained. "When it is comes to performance, one has to perform. I’m still motivated and I’m still hungry for runs" - she added.

The best often draw inspiration from champions even in other fields, and for Mithali Raj that inspiration comes from Roger Federer. “Look at Roger Federer," Raj said. "At that age (around 37), he is No.1 in tennis.

People who are playing for a long time always find motivation and these players like Federer are the driving force to perform at our best at that level”. Roger Federer has huge popularity in the world of sport, to the point that he has been called a living legend in his own time.

Given his achievements, Federer is widely considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, with many players and analysts considering him to be the greatest tennis player of all time. He has also been called the greatest athlete of his generation.

Tennis.com listed him as the greatest male player of the open era. No other male tennis player has won 20 major singles titles in the Open Era, and he has been in 31 major finals, including 10 in a row. He has held the world No.

1 spot in the ATP rankings for longer than any other male player. He was ranked No. 1 at the age of 36 and has won a record eight Wimbledon titles. He won five consecutive US Open titles, which is the most in the Open Era. Federer helped to lead a revival in tennis known by many as the Golden Age.

This led to increased interest in the sport, which in turn led to higher revenues for many venues across tennis. During this period rising revenues led to exploding prize money; when Federer first won the Australian Open in 2004 he earned $985,000, compared to when he won in 2018 and the prize had increased to AUD 4 million.