'Roger Federer's actual game is way better than mine', says American star

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'Roger Federer's actual game is way better than mine', says American star

Despite her very young age, Cori Gauff has shown that she has no fear when it comes to having to express her opinions. The American star has expressed her support for the 'Black Lives Matter' movement in the United States, establishing herself as an athlete eager to have a social impact as well.

While answering some fan questions about the 'Tik Tok' app, Coco was furious when one of her followers suggested that there is a giant technical gap between men's and women's tennis. Visibly upset, Gauff launched into an unlikely comparison between her and Roger Federer.

Currently, the World number 53 boasts a record of five wins and two losses in 2020. Cori is busy this week in Lexington, where she beat Caroline Dolehide in the first round in two sets. Waiting for her is the number 2 of the seeding Aryna Sabalenka.

Gauff on Roger Federer

"First things first: even though I am a girl, I don't play 'girls' tennis. I play women's tennis, I play with grown women. So that's one thing," Cori Gauff asserted. "As an athlete, I have no problem in people saying they are better than me because their skill level is better than me," she continued.

"But if you think you are better than me for the sole reason that you think you're a boy and I'm a girl... That doesn't make any sense. For example - Roger Federer," Gauff continued. "If Roger Federer says he can beat me, he 100% can say that because of skill level and his actual game is way better than mine.

But if you say that you can beat me solely because of the fact that I'm a girl, that's stupid" - she finished. The latter shocked the world last year at Wimbledon, when she defeated her idol Venus Williams at just 15 years old.

At the US Open 2019 she reached the third round, becoming the youngest ever to succeed in this feat since Anna Kurnikova. His path to the Australian Open 2020 was also positive, where the satisfaction of eliminating the reigning champion Naomi Osaka was removed.

Gauff's tennis idols are Serena and Venus Williams. "Serena Williams has always been my idol...and Venus," she has said. "They are the reason why I wanted to pick up a tennis racket." Gauff first met Serena when she won the Little Mo national tournament at the age of eight, and later met her again to film a commercial for Delta Airlines and at the Mouratoglou Academy.

After defeating Venus at Wimbledon in 2019, Gauff commended Venus when they shook hands at the net. "I was just telling her thank you for everything she's done for the sport," she said. "She's been an inspiration for many people. I was just really telling her thank you."