'Without Roger Federer and Nadal, Medvedev may be...', says Russian tennis chief

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'Without Roger Federer and Nadal, Medvedev may be...', says Russian tennis chief

Daniil Medvedev made himself the author of an extraordinary 2019, embellished by the final reached at the US Open. The young Russian was able to make up two sets of disadvantage to Rafael Nadal, before giving in to the fifth set in one of the most beautiful and exciting games of the season.

Much is expected of the Moscow tennis player in this edition of the US Open, also thanks to the heavy absences that the New York Slam will have to deal with. It goes without saying that the absence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal - as well as being a blow to the tournament - fuel the hopes of many players on the hunt for their first Grand Slam.

Russian tennis boss Shamil Tarpischev has high hopes for Medvedev, who is a candidate to be the main antagonist in Novak Djokovic's run for the 18th Major of his career.

Tarpischev on Daniil Medvedev

“Taking into account the fact that he was in France since the beginning of the pandemic and had an opportunity to train at a court together with his coach, he must be in good shape in comparison with other players”.

Russian tennis chief Shamil Tarpischev said. “He could perform well at the US Open. But it’s too early to make any predictions because we don’t know the physical shape of other players”. Daniil Medvedev is currently ranked at number five in the ATP rankings, with number three Dominic Thiem the other player considered most likely to challenge.

Among the favorites it is impossible not to mention Dominic Thiem, a great terraiolo who achieved his best results on concrete. His coach Nicolas Massu reassured the Austrian's motivations. “When you go through difficult times, you must have the ability not to shut yourself up and listen," Massu said.

"Today with Dominic I try a lot to talk to him, prepare for the games and motivate him. Dominic, being third in the ranking, will always be a candidate to win the US Open. He is clear about it, but everyone will also be looking forward to it,” Massu added.

"The US Open is played, they already confirmed it," Massu said. "We will travel on Saturday. There are many rules and precautionary measures. It will be something different from what we are used to. Djokovic will be at the US Open and if you see the list they are all there.

At least 90% of the players are there. It may happen that someone else is deleted, but there are the best in the world,” Massu finished. Given the absence of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal from the US Open, we will see the first Grand Slam since 1999 without the two legends who have most influenced the modern era of tennis.