Tennis presenter: I don’t think Roger Federer would go against Edberg's advice

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Tennis presenter: I don’t think Roger Federer would go against Edberg's advice

Tennis reporter and commentator Catherine Whitaker says she feels that Roger Federer is unlikely to undertake a farewell tour after Stefan Edberg revealed that he had had advised the Swiss legend against the same.

Catherine Whitaker on farewell tour for Swiss legend Roger Federer

Edberg, who has coached Federer in the past, recently spoke on the Tennis Podcast where he said he would not recommend a farewell tour to anybody since it was very tough for him.

"We actually talked a little bit about it and I would not recommend it to anybody actually, even if it's a nice thing to do, because it does put too much pressure on yourself and there will be too many things going on in your mind.

So, if you're going to announce it, I would do it just before my last tournament…or have it in my mind but not for anybody else to know. It’s just very tough to handle but at the same time, it was a memorable year.

But, I would not recommend it." Whitaker, who is a co-host of the Tennis Podcast, gave her own views on the topic saying that since Federer respects and looks up to the Swede, she doubts that he would go against his advice.

“I think that effectively takes it off the table. I think for somebody that Federer respects and is as similar to in a lot of ways as Stefan Edberg, I don’t think he would listen to that advice and go against it.

I don’t think he’ll want the tournaments and the matches to have a testimonial feel about them. If he’s playing a tournament, he wants to win that tournament. If you’re on a farewell tour and you know that someone’s waiting backstage during all your matches with a cake or a plaque or something to honour your final time at that tournament, it takes on a different feel.

It does take on a slightly exhibition-y, testimonial feel and I’m not sure that’s desirable”. Roger Federer turned 39 years old earlier this month. He is currently ranked No. 4 and is recuperating from a knee injury for which he underwent a surgical procedure twice this year. He has said that he would not play again this season and plans to come back for the 2021 season.