Pospisil: 'Roger Federer when he came on he brought a great perspective'

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Pospisil: 'Roger Federer when he came on he brought a great perspective'

The ATP Player Council is often a topic of discussion among fans and insiders, especially since its decisions involve phenomena of the caliber of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. There has been great excitement in recent months due to the global pandemic, which has forced both circuits to a forced suspension of about six months.

In the absence of further upheavals, the ATP tour should resume very shortly with the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati, which will be the prelude to the US Open. Vasek Pospisil, who represents the doubles on the board, provided an unprecedented insight into the functioning of the Player Council meetings.

In a long interview with ATP Radio, the Canadian told of the first meeting after the reintegration of Federer and Nadal. Pospisil described this experience as interesting and surprising.

Pospisil on the Big 3

“It was a pretty amazing experience," Vasek Pospisil said.

"I remember it was the Aussie Open when they first joined their first council meeting in person. I was sitting, on my left was Novak Djokovic and on my right was Roger Federer, then Rafael Nadal was right beside him. I was like 'oh wow right in between three of the greatest athletes let alone tennis players of all time'

As someone who idolized Federer growing up and obviously these are three incredible athletes. To be involved with them in the Council is pretty cool," he added. “I think the dynamic is pretty interesting because you obviously have you know 3 very strong individuals," Pospisil said.

"They all have strong opinions. When you come in with the position that they come in it can be challenging. At the same time they work very well together, they are very open-minded. Novak Djokovic's been incredible. I’ve spent most of my time with Novak.

I was with him in the Council from Day 1 when I joined so we just collaborated the most,” he continued. Pospisil concluded the discussion by describing the overall experience as a learning curve for him, and also added that it was 'interesting' to witness the Big 3 interact with each other.

“Then you know Roger when he came on he brought a great perspective, he’s a super smart guy and very open-minded. It's been a very cool and learning experience. Very interesting to see them talk across a table,” Pospisil concluded.

The Big Three are the top three players of all-time in terms of Grand Slam titles won, as well as the top three players in terms of Major finals reached.