'I heard Roger Federer worked on technique with...', says top coach

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'I heard Roger Federer worked on technique with...', says top coach

Roger Federer's fans are hoping that the 20-time Grand Slam champion will be capable of the exploit of 2017 in 2021. 2017 season marked a renaissance and a return to excellence for Federer, winning two majors, the Australian Open and the Wimbledon Championships, marking the first season since 2009 in which he won multiple majors.

Federer won a total of seven titles in the season, the most since 2007, and with a win-loss record of 54–5 his winning percentage was the highest since 2006. With these accomplishments, the season was Federer's most successful in over a decade.

In an interview with ATP, Gilles Cervara spoke about Roger Federer's comeback to the tour a few years ago.

Cervara on Roger Federer

"I heard Roger Federer a few years ago, when he came back after stopping for six months, I heard he worked on technique with his backhand," Gilles Cervara said.

"You always have to improve something. It depends what you choose. Sometimes it’s more physical, sometimes it’s technical because you want to improve a shot and you realize to improve a shot like this it’s more technical than physical.

The top players like Novak, like Wawrinka, Roger Federer and Nadal of course, they know [themselves] so they’re able to maintain something (a stable mentality) better than the young players," Cervara went on. "That’s also what Daniil is learning.

The bad thing is the tour stopped, because I think when Indian Wells was ready to start he was ready to have a high level." The French coach, who started work with Medvedev in 2017, also spoke about the World No. 5's matchup against Rafael Nadal at the US Open final last year.

"I think you don’t realize what’s going on really because you’re focused on the match, on the goals and the way to win. You’re not disconnected with the action and what was happening. You are 100 per cent in the action and you live this like it’s almost a normal match.

I want to say for me it was like all the matches, because Daniil played it like this also," concluded the Frenchman. The 2020 US Open is scheduled to begin on August 31 in New York. But as the date draws near, more and more tennis stars are bowing out, many citing coronavirus concerns as the reason.

Players have said they are concerned about their health as well as the health of others. Many have admitted the decision was not an easy one, as they will miss the iconic tournament, but felt it was the right decision to make at this time.

Some have called on others to reconsider playing. The always outspoken Nick Kyrgios released a video asking players to "think of other people" before making a decision on whether or not to attend the tournament.