'Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic have stood the test of time and...', says Indian star

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'Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic have stood the test of time and...', says Indian star

The Big 3 have won 56 Grand Slam titles out of the 67 played in the last 17 years. Roger Federer is still at the top of the all-time rankings with 20 Majors, but Rafael Nadal could match him in the event of a 13th win at Roland Garros.

The Spanish phenomenon has decided to give up defending his title at the US Open, precisely with the intention of focusing all his energies on the Parisian Grand Slam. Novak Djokovic will be the only Big 3 on the draw at the US Open, where he could win his 18th Grand Slam.

The World number 1 also wants to overtake Federer in the ranking of weeks at the top of the world rankings. In a lengthy interview granted to Sportskeeda, Leander Paes explained what allowed the three sacred monsters to dominate men's tennis for so long.

The Indian has repeatedly expressed his desire to play a doubles with Federer.

Paes on the Big 3

"Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal these three have managed to extend their careers so beautifully. They reinvented themselves multiple times over and that too in the field of singles.

I have tremendous respect for all these athletes because they have stood the test of time and kept on reinventing themselves" - Leander Paes said. "The real legends of the sport can stand the test of time by reinventing themselves," Paes said.

"A lot of people can win a tournament once, a lot of people can get lucky and win a Grand Slam once, but when you have real legends, real achievers like Roger Federer, Djokovic, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Navratilova, Hingis" - he added.

Leander Paes highlighted that the pride of representing the country came to him through his lineage as he comes from the family of the great Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt. "Most people really understand it, they get the fact that I come from a family of patriots, they get the fact that I come from a lineage of people who played for the country, who fought for the country, whether it was Michael Madhusudan Dutt, whether it was my mom who captained the Indian basketball team, whether it was my dad winning a bronze medal at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

And also the fact that I am an Olympic baby, I was conceived in Munich and born in June 1973. I think that there is a naturalness, it comes very smooth, so I don't really fight it or argue with people who do not understand it because they just don't know. For me it is something that drives me tremendously."