'Roger Federer needs training hours on the court before his comeback', says his coach

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'Roger Federer needs training hours on the court before his comeback', says his coach

Roger Federer has provided a positive update to his fans regarding his recovery process. During the opening ceremony of the Lindt Museum, the Swiss phenomenon revealed that he would resume training next week. The former world number 1, who only participated in the Australian Open this year, underwent two operations on his right knee between February and March.

After the second surgery, the 20-time Grand Slam champion announced that he would not be returning to the pitch this season, setting up an appointment for the 2021 Australian Open. Federer's longtime coach Severin Luthi shed more light on the matter during a long interview with Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

The Swiss Davis Cup captain explained that rehabilitation is proceeding as expected. Some fans feared that their idol had suffered another setback, but Luthi assured that the world number 4 would resume training very soon.

Luthi on Roger Federer

“Rehabilitation is normal.

As with everyone, there are good days and bad days after a procedure,” Severin Luthi said. “Roger Federer started physiotherapy the day after the operation. At the moment the focus is on achieving full physical fitness again.

Our plan is to be back on the court regularly from the beginning of October," Luthi continued. "Because one thing is clear: he needs training hours on the court before his comeback. We still have enough time. Retirement was never a serious issue.

But as I said: Roger wants to take his time. We agreed from the start not to let ourselves be stressed,” Luthi said. "Let's be honest: what he did in Melbourne in 2017 bordered on a miracle," Luthi said. "To win one of the biggest tournaments with practically no competition practice, that was extraordinary.

Federer is an exceptional talent. But his competitors are all very good tennis players. The younger ones in particular are constantly developing." Roger Federer’s team is ensuring that he recovers from this setback at a comfortable pace.

This will also aid his comeback next year, giving him full fitness for the season that is yet to come. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Federer clinch a grand slam, and 2021 can possibly end the drought. Recovering from two knee surgeries is extremely challenging.

It is a demanding task for Federer to come back with full fitness, and hence, he is taking time with his rehab process. At 39, Federer coming back and playing his best tennis will indeed be a miraculous effort.