Roger Federer between Luxury and Green in the Mercedes spot


Roger Federer between Luxury and Green in the Mercedes spot

Luxury and green engine: Roger Federer is the protagonist of the spot for the new hybrid Mercedes SUV. After the Barilla campaign in which he plays tennis with two girls on the roofs of Finale Ligure, the champion is now the protagonist of the new Mercedes-Benz video dedicated to the new hybrid range.

The commercial, created by Publicis Zurich, sees Federer arrive in a square of a typical Italian town driving an SUV belonging to the star's house. Here he meets two old men who are discussing the nature of the car: electric or petrol? It is the same champion who clarifies the doubts: the car is a hybrid, therefore both electric and petrol.

The two interlocutors then ask themselves another question: is it Roger Federer they have just met? While one of them is convinced that he has recognized the man aboard the SUV, identified precisely in the Basel champion, the other elderly man believes that it is not possible that Roger Federer is at the wheel of the Mercedes.

Shot with Mercedes, this is one of the many commercials featuring the twenty-times Grand Slam champion. The Swiss in fact Besides Mercedes represents other brands such as Uniqlo Rolex, Gilette, Credit Suisse, Moët et Chandon, Wilson, Jura, Netjets, Lindt, Barilla, Rimowa and Sunrise.

Federer shoots the commercial for the new Mercedes SUV

Forbes has estimated the assets of the tennis player at over 600 million dollars, which is therefore rich, but does not show much. "He doesn't flaunt his wealth, he doesn't throw a tantrum.

He's Swiss, he's modest, he's kind, it's a guarantee that there will be no image problems," explains Phillip Rollman, head of S, a Geneva-based communications agency. To honor him, moreover, there is also the foundation he manages which helps over 300 thousand children to have access to quality education.

This does not mean, however, that Federer misses anything. He owns two luxury chalets in the canton of Graubünden and has land in Rapperswil-Jona (on the "Golden Coast" of Lake Zurich) where he intends to build a house for his family.

He also has several houses in South Africa and one in Dubai. Travel with private jets, attend fashion weeks and attend the Oscar Night. His tax residence is in the canton of Schwyz, known for its soft taxation. Nobody, however, blames him for anything.

Preserve the image of a modest and friendly Swiss. And this, in the eyes of the sponsors, is a strong point at least as important as his right.

Roger Federer