Protests for climate change: fake news about Roger Federer

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Protests for climate change: fake news about Roger Federer

When we talk about Roger Federer we are not just talking about one of the most successful tennis players in the history of tennis, but also and perhaps above all the tennis player most loved by fans. Many consider Roger to be a true sporting divinity and we once again had a proof of this in the last tour of the Swiss champion in South America where, together with Alexander Zverev, Federer played several performances enchanting audiences in some of the main South American cities.

So much surprise, in Switzerland but in general all over the world, was the spread by some newspapers of the news that in the Swiss town of Bern thousands of people would have taken to the streets to protest against Roger Federer.

The reality is not quite like that and this news turned out to be exclusively a FAKE NEWS.

People's protest and fake news regarding Roger Federer

In the last few hours, rumors were born and even photos appeared on the web with a protest taking place in the Swiss city of Bern and a rumor that saw the reason being the collaboration between Roger Federer and Credit Suisse.

In reality it did not go like this at all, it was a gross fake news and both the Swiss champion and the bank had nothing to do with it. As Swissinfo points out, a protest was held outside the Swiss parliament over climate problems and there was a protest in favor of climate activists who were on trial for dressing up as tennis players in Credit Suisse premises and being investigated for trespassing.

The Swiss champion was therefore unwittingly involved in something he had nothing to do with. Roger Federer is currently number 4 in the world rankings but is in the pits due to a serious injury and a double surgery that forced him to miss the US Open, which will prevent him from participating in the clay court season and which will see his return probably in 2021.

The Swiss champion is now in the final stages of his career and in the next year he will try to reach two important goals such as a possible new success at Wimbledon and above all to win Olympic gold in Tokyo 2021, postponed this year after what happened with the health emergency.

Roger Federer is also struggling with the eternal fight with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic for the tennis player who will end his career with the most Grand Slams. Federer should come back for the Australian Open 2021 after the two knee surgeries of this season.