Jerome Kym: Every Swiss player looks up to Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

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Jerome Kym: Every Swiss player looks up to Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

Promising Swiss junior Jerome Kym, 17, says every player from his country is looking up to record 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer and former world No. 3 Stan Wawrinka. Federer, 39, and 35-year-old Wawrinka have had great careers and now several promising Swiss juniors are aiming to follow their footsteps.

"Every Swiss player looks up to Roger and Stan. Everyone says they can be the new Roger, but no one can do it the way he did it,” Kym told the ITF website. “Everyone must do it their way. “It is a great opportunity to look up to them and at what they achieved – that is so important.

But rather than just watching them and their scores, we must also focus on what we want to achieve”.

Having Roger Federer as a role model huge for Swiss juniors

Michael Lammer, a former Swiss tennis player and current Swiss Tennis’s head coach, is optimistic that Kym, Leandro Riedi and Dominic Stricker will all fulfill their talent and have great careers.

"Everyone at Swiss Tennis is very proud,” Lammer told the ITF website. “These guys have grown up and are nearly adults and we are very pleased with how they have evolved from an early age “It is always the goal of us as a federation to have juniors doing well in the Grand Slams and this is the base for after.

It means the work which has been done is good and the direction is the right one. We are really looking forward to what is coming. “How far it goes, we cannot predict, but the base is there. We have top players in Switzerland with Roger, Stan and Belinda and maybe they can go into these big footsteps.

That is obviously not easy but it is a big advantage for Swiss tennis to have such role models”. Riedi and Stricker -- two promising Swiss players -- made the final of the French Open boys' singles event. "We (Kym, Riedi and Stricker) have been together a long time and we have played a lot against each other and trained together a lot.

We have always pushed ourselves to be better and better,” Riedi told the ITF website. “Every time when we train together, we are pushing ourselves to the limit and that is big. The push to the limit is key. I am also really happy when someone wins a title, but at the same time that really pushes me. “We have always done this, when one has success, we are all really happy but the others want it also”.