'Roger Federer's body doesn’t come back as easily', says Australian legend

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'Roger Federer's body doesn’t come back as easily', says Australian legend

Roger Federer's return to the circuit is getting closer and closer, as the Swiss phenomenon intends to participate in the Australian Open 2021. The former world number 1, whose last official appearance dates back to the 2020 edition of the Happy Slam, he underwent two consecutive surgeries on his right knee this year.

The 39-year-old from Basel has already been given up many times, but this time many believe that Roger is now out of the race for the Grand Slams. To win his 21st major, Federer would need to have seven wins in two weeks. Furthermore, the Swiss will no longer have to contend only with eternal rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, but also with young rampants of the caliber of Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev.

Interviewed by the Wide World of Sports portal, the 16-time double Grand Slam champion Todd Woodbridge analyzed with great clarity all the difficulties King Roger will have to deal with.

Woodbridge on Roger Federer

“It’s not about the quality of his play, it’s about can his body handle seven matches at a Slam?” Todd Woodbridge questioned while speaking with Wide World of Sports.

“The actual ball-striking part of his game is probably as good as ever, but the body doesn’t come back as easily,” Woodbridge continued. “The extra couple of years he’s got on Rafa and Novak makes it tough”.

The last time Roger Federer went under the knife, that is in 2016, he was back in great shape, winning two Grand Slams in 2017 and making the 'Sunshine Double' against all odds. The eight-time Wimbledon champion has recently resumed training on the pitch, knowing he still has plenty of time to get back to 100% form.

Roger had to collect Nadal’s 20 Grand Slam, fresh triumph at Roland Garros for the 13th time. Through a long message on social media, the Swiss congratulated the opponent of countless battles. This is the first time Federer and Nadal have held the same number of major titles.

When they started their careers, Pete Sampras held the all-time Grand Slam championship record with 14. Now Federer and Nadal each have 20, and Djokovic owns 17 major trophies. "Thanks to Roger for the words. As everybody knows, we have a very, very good relationship.

We respect each other a lot," Nadal said. "In some ways, I think he's happy when I'm winning and I'm happy when he's doing things well. In some way for me it means a lot, the positive relationship that we have together, because we have been going through a great rivalry for a very, very long time."