'If something happens, Roger Federer could lose or something', says Russian ace

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'If something happens, Roger Federer could lose or something', says Russian ace

With the victory in the ATP tournament in St. Petersburg, the young Andrey Rublev has conquered his fourth title of the season and shows himself once again as the most continuous and effective tennis player of this 2020 after (or together) the world number one Novak Djokovic.

Thanks to this result, Rublev climbs the ranking again, surpasses our Matteo Berrettini and becomes the new number 8 in the world, obviously his personal Best Ranking. Andrey, will turn 23 on Tuesday and told some of his emotions about the new Roland Garros winner Rafael Nadal.

Following a 13th French Open & 20th Grand Slam title, Rafael Nadal was called the 'best athlete ever' by Andrey Rublev. Rublev made the statement after winning the St. Petersburg Open, his fourth title of the season.

Rublev on the Big 3

"I cannot imagine how — I’m not even talking about [just at] the Grand Slams — it is possible what he (Rafael Nadal) is doing," said Andrey Rublev. "To be mentally that strong all your life and all your career, I don’t know how it is possible."

The discipline and mental resolve it took for Rafael Nadal to reign supreme despite all the adverse conditions in Paris is what Andrey Rublev is in awe of. "Every player, even Roger Federer or even Novak (Djokovic), they had one moment in their career when they were mentally a little bit down or they could get a little bit emotionally down during the match and, if something happens, they could lose or something," explained the Russian.

"Rafa is the only one player in history that it doesn’t matter how he feels, bad or good. In the end he always finds a way to win. If he is not winning, he is losing in three sets after three hours if it is not [at] a Grand Slam.

If it is [at] a Grand Slam, it is going to be five hours and [against] the players that are really good. I don’t know how it is possible to be this strong mentally during all his career," Rublev added. "Even if you take other sportsmen or athletes, they can have bad days.

But because maybe the team is good, they are still winning,” said Rublev. “In tennis, if you are having a really bad day, it is really tough to find a way (to win) and compete like nothing happened. He has done this during his whole career. For me he is the best athlete, not even in tennis, the best athlete in history."