'I have never heard Djokovic criticize Roger Federer and Nadal', says Serbian legend

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'I have never heard Djokovic criticize Roger Federer and Nadal', says Serbian legend

Roger Federer currently stands out in all the most important statistics: 20 Grand Slam tournaments tied with Rafael Nadal and 17 for Novak Djokovic; 103 ATP tournaments against Nadal's 85 and Serbian's 79; Federer is also the record holder for weeks at the top of the standings.

Case solved? Certainly not. First of all because Roger is the eldest of the three, and only for a peculiar sporting case we find him at almost 39 years still lively to give technical joys on fields all over the world; ergo, the younger opponents are still well in time to smash his many records.

To be precise, moreover, not all the records that count are the prerogative of the three champions: for example it is Jimmy Connors who holds the most victories in ATP tournaments. Serbian tennis legend Radmilo Armenulić has claimed Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are ‘vicious’ to Novak Djokovic to try to keep him beneath them.

Armenulic on Novak Djokovic

“What happened at the US Open is a scandal,” Radmilo Armenulić said. “I’ve looked at dozens of worse cases for which players haven’t even been warned, let alone punished.

The big players are involved in that [to make sure] that Roger Federer stays first, so that Novak Djokovic doesn’t accidentally overtake him. Sponsors are also involved. It is telling to me that none of Djokovic’s opponents reacted after the disqualification, no one commented.

Novak Djokovic is a gentleman, he immediately admitted guilt in order to calm his passions. I have never heard him criticize Roger and Rafael Nadal in his statements, but they seem vicious [toward him]”. The Serbian jumped Nadal in the rankings early on in the season.

After a bad Australian Open, Nadal lost a considerable amount of points. Consequently, Djokovic won the Australian Open which helped him regain the number one ranking. After the season restart, Djokovic won the Cincinnati Masters which earned him more valuable points.

Later, he added the Italian Open and by reaching the finals at French Open 2020, Djokovic expanded his lead over second-place Rafael Nadal. Djokovic is currently on 11,740 points to Nadal’s 9850. Last year, it was Nadal who held the year-end number one ranking which tied him level with Federer and Djokovic.

Surprisingly, Federer last held the year-end number one ranking in 2009. Even though he achieved the World No.1 ranking several times after that, he failed to stay on it till the end of the season.