'The way Roger Federer plays the game is something special', says ATP ace

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'The way Roger Federer plays the game is something special', says ATP ace

In August 2021 he will be 40 years old, but for Roger Federer the time has not yet come to say enough with tennis. The Swiss 'Maestro' is recovering from the latest injury that has held him down since January, a slow and difficult process that will surely allow him to return for the Australian Open 2021.

Nick Kyrgios likened Roger Federer's status in tennis to that of basketball legend Michael Jordan. The Australian also showered praise on Rafael Nadal, in particular for his feat of winning 13 French Open titles.

Kyrgios on Roger Federer

“A lot of players will tell you Rafael Nadal is the GOAT, Novak's the GOAT but in my opinion, I think Roger Federer is still (the GOAT),” Nick Kyrgios said.

“I think he is almost a Jordan status type (player). He was kind of the main guy that was you know so dominant on every type of surface. I think the way he plays the game is something special”. Roger Federer is on his way home.

Currently, he believes he should be ready for the Australian Open next January. However, he cannot currently train normally. “I cannot go beyond two-hour sessions with the racket in my hand,” said the player at the 20 Grand Slam tournaments.

But I have been working my condition and my strength for a while without feeling any pain. There will be no need for one or other operations, ”he explains in the columns of the“ Schweizer Illustrierten”. Federer only played one tournament in 2020: the Australian Open in January where he reached the semi-finals with a loss to Novak Djokovic at stake.

Then he had two knee operations. “I did not put any pressure on myself and I gave myself time,” said the Balois. “I will only go into a tournament if I have a 100% condition”. Federer helped to lead a revival in tennis known by many as the Golden Age.

This led to increased interest in the sport, which in turn led to higher revenues for many venues across tennis. During this period rising revenues led to exploding prize money; when Federer first won the Australian Open in 2004 he earned $985,000, compared to when he won in 2018 and the prize had increased to AUD 4 million.

Upon winning the 2009 French Open and completing the career Grand Slam, Federer became the first individual male tennis player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated since Andre Agassi in 1999. He was also the first non-American player to appear on the cover of the magazine since Stefan Edberg in 1992.

Federer again made the cover of Sports Illustrated following his record-breaking 8th Wimbledon title and second Grand Slam of 2017, becoming the first male tennis player to be featured on the cover since himself in 2009.