'The program Roger Federer had in mind has been fully respected', says former Top 10

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'The program Roger Federer had in mind has been fully respected', says former Top 10

According to many fans and insiders, many of the reasons for Roger Federer's great exploit in 2017 and his extraordinary ability to improve even after the age of 35 can be traced back to the work of his coach Ivan Ljubicic, who has been alongside the Swiss team since 2016.

omnipresent Severin Luthi. Ljubo himself recently gave an interview to the Italian website oktennis.it, in which he talked about his new and very personal project, which consists in the birth of his sports management agency (LJ Sports Group).

The Croatian tennis player, inevitably, then had to answer some questions about his client, King Roger, a few weeks ago joined by his great rival Rafael Nadal in the absolute record of winning slam titles. The main concern was obviously directed towards Federer's physical condition, absent from competitions since the Australian Open semifinal earlier this year, when he was defeated by future champion Novak Djokovic in three sets.

Although Ljubicic's words proved to be imbued with calm and pragmatism, the former world number three wanted to clarify the current conditions of the Swiss and the goal that he and his staff have set themselves as soon as the 20-time slam champion he went back to training with the racket in his hand.

In a recent interview with Oktennis, Ivan Ljubicic revealed that both the player and coach haven’t thought about retirement. As of now, Federer has not set a specific date or year for retirement.

Ljubicic on Roger Federer's schedule

“Roger Federer doesn’t set fixed limits, let alone me.

I still hope for a long time, of course”. It is known for sure that Federer will at least play the 2021 season. Ivan Ljubicic didn’t talk much about Federer’s 2021 plans but indicated that the Australian Open will set the tone for the year.

“Talking about programs is now premature. I certainly can’t tell today what we will do in April. I know we want to leave as soon as possible, play a big Australian Open, and then evaluate step by step. It is important to go step by step and observe rest periods.

As we have always done, however “. Giving an update on Federer’s health and training sessions, Ljubicic delivered good news for tennis fans. Federer’s recovery regime is in full swing and right on time ahead of his much-anticipated return next January.

“He trains more and more and better, I’m curious to see how much we will be able to push in the coming months. The program we had in mind, to date, has been fully respected. There is a lot of confidence“.