'Roger Federer's working his butt off to get back into the game', says former No. 1

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'Roger Federer's working his butt off to get back into the game', says former No. 1

A few days before the start of the ATP Finals in London, the last major tournament of this bizarre season, it is Stefan Edberg who talks about the record holder of the Finals, as the only holder of 6 titles, and great absentee this year: Roger Federer.

As is well known, the Swiss almost completely skipped the 2020 season due to a double knee operation: Stefan Edberg revealed more details precisely on his recovery and the collaboration between the two. The former Swedish tennis player, who worked with Federer in the 2014 and 2015 seasons with excellent results, said about their professional collaboration.

His former coach and a tennis legend himself, Stefan Edberg explains the routine and character the great player possesses.

Edberg on Roger Federer

Stefan Edberg highlighted, “Well, teaching Roger Federer is not a difficult thing; he’s a very good listener, he knows what to do and he learns very quickly”.

During the two years they worked together, the Swedish legend brought some key changes in Federer’s game, which he uses even today. Edberg added, “As you get older, it gets harder so you need to take control of the points.

And I think he needed a little bit more, sort of a different kind of game with some more variation. I think one of the things that he sort of worked on that really made a difference was when he started to hit this backhand a little bit flatter, took a little bit earlier and that’s how he won the Australian Open in 2017,” said Stefan Edberg.

Federer’s former coach concluded, “Even as of today, I’m sure he’s working his butt off to get back into the game and give it another shot in 2021 to get back to the top of the game”. Federer holds the record for the most ATP Finals singles titles with six.The last time he won the competition was back in 2011, when he edged past Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Since then, Djokovic has won five singles titles, and he's on the hunt to match Federer's record this year. The Swiss star won't be able to defend his record, however, after missing a large portion of the season through injury.

How have the Big 3 ensured they remain competitive for close to two decades? They have learned from each other. Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic over the years have seen each other and tweaked their own style to remain competitive.

Due to their intense rivalry and competition, they have evolved every year, and this has made the rest of the players play catch up with them. Edberg said, “And why start while they are incredible. They are incredible as tennis players They always want to get better.

And they’re competing with each other, and they’re seeing what the other ones are doing. So it’s been really healthy for all of them to have the competition. It’s a very, very special time for tennis”.