Nadal: 'It has been due to Roger Federer's involvement'

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Nadal: 'It has been due to Roger Federer's involvement'

After his thirteenth victory at Roland Garros, World number two Rafael Nadal took part in the Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy, where he was defeated in the semifinals by Alexander Zverev. This week will see him instead engaged in the ATP Finals in London, in his ninth participation in the tournament: the Spaniard has never won this competition, reaching the final in 2010 and 2013.

In the first match of the Round Robin, Rafa overtook Russian rookie Andrei Rublev with a score of 6-3 6-4. The young tennis player from Moscow has just returned from a truly extraordinary season, which saw him hit five successes on the major Tour (Doha, Adelaide, Hamburg, St.

Petersburg, Vienna) and make his entry into the top 10 for the first time. Rafael Nadal has been voicing his opposition to Novak Djokovic's PTPA since Day 1, & he reiterated his stance on Sunday. The Spaniard believes that a secondary organization provides no benefits to the players on tour.

Nadal on his opposition to Novak Djokovic's PTPA

"I have not spoken with Novak Djokovic about this matter,” Rafael Nadal said. “We trained the other day but we did not talk about it, but he knows my opinion.

Not because they have created this organization that they are helping tennis more than the rest of the players who believe in the usual structure, within the ATP,” Nadal went on to explain. “If we have experienced positive situations it has been due to Roger Federer's involvement, mine, but also Novak and Andy to ask the rest what they needed”.

Rafael Nadal then gave the example of the distribution of income on the tour. “If we compare the income of 5,6, 7 or 8 years ago to now, it is clear that we have greatly narrowed the income gap between the lowest ranked players and the best,” Nadal said.

“We know that we have to continue working on that, but we do not consider that another organization is required for that to happen. We have the same idea, what changes is the approach to achieve it”. A win against the Austrian will significantly strengthen Nadal’s chances of qualifying for the semifinals.

“For me it is going to be a tough one and hopefully it will be the same for him too,” Nadal said. “I’m going to try and be ready for it. I know it will be a tough challenge but I believe today has helped me for that match. Tomorrow I have the day off to practice, work on what I need to do and I hope to be ready”.