Roger Federer: 'There’s always pressure when I play Nadal indoors'

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Roger Federer: 'There’s always pressure when I play Nadal indoors'

The absence of London is felt less, if on the other side of the scale there is this promise: "The ATP Finals? No matter where they go, any player would go there. And I would also play them on the moon, if I could“.

Roger Federer's words that sound very sweet in our area. The dream, not too veiled, is clearly to see the Swiss in Turin in a year. A (hypothetical, there are no certainties) last round of jousting in the first Italian Finals, after a forty-year-old 2021 in which the Master of Basel will scientifically program the management of commitments and energies.

Among the Grand Slams, the Tokyo Olympic event and - indeed - the Italian Finals. A perspective that the current world number five - who is training ahead of Australia - has begun to open in a chat with Tim Henman and Bjorn Borg.

One of the multimedia initiatives launched by ATP for the 50th anniversary of the year-end Master.

Federer on his achievements at the ATP Finals

2002 was the first time Roger Federer broke into the ATP Finals scene. Leyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi dominated the calendar winning five titles each.

But Federer wowed everyone at the ATP Finals with a 3-0 record in the round-robin but he fell valiantly in the semi-finals. “Qualifying for the Tennis Masters Cup (that year) was a huge deal,” mentioned Federer.

“It opened my belief that I could beat the best baseline players from the baseline. 2003 was a true breakthrough tournament for me at the time”. Federer has always won the event in pairs. Back-to-back titles have been his fashion.

The Swiss native repeated the same in 2010 and 2011 by defeating Rafael Nadal and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga respectively. “There’s always pressure when I play Rafael Nadal indoors because I’m the favourite,” Federer mentioned.

“That changes depending on how things are going, but he’s always been a tough player for me to play against”. Recently Federer along with Borg engaged in an interview. The Swiss did have elegant things to say regarding his idol and stated, “I’ve had some major meltdowns.

Mostly angered by myself. I’ll be disappointed with some of the handshakes I gave. I felt it was the opponent’s mistake I lost even though it was all myself to blame”. Roger went on to further glorify the legend and had good words for his fellow rival and friend, Nadal.

The Swiss ace said, “Actually Bjorn and I have a similar story, the thing is Bjorn figured it out early on in his teens. It took me much later to understand. That’s why Bjorn along with Rafa is the best teenage player ever in our game”.