'Let's see Roger Federer next year...', says top analyst

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'Let's see Roger Federer next year...', says top analyst

Novak Djokovic once again surprised everyone even off the pitch. The current World number 1 rankings is pushing for what would be a revolution in the world of tennis. In addition to being the creator of a new tennis association the PTPA (opposite and at war to the historic ATP) which also includes Pospisil defeated in the final in Sofia by Sinner and several American tennis players, the Serbian wants to bring important news, also in the I play by standardizing all tournaments on the 3-set formula, thinking of games without line judges, but with technology replacing them.

The prospect of removing the formula of 5 sets in the Grand Slam tournaments, or the most prestigious ones, would be a considerable leap into the future. Meanwhile, Filippo Volandri pointed out how Dominic Thiem has made incredible strides over the past two years.

The Italian believes the likes of Thiem, Zverev, Tstsipas & Medvedev will challenge the Big 3 (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic) for Major titles in 2021.

Volandri on the Big 3

"Dominic Thiem has become a complete player compared to two years ago, good to see from a technical point of view and now also from a stylistic point of view.

Physically, he has made great strides, it was unimaginable until two years ago to see him win on hardcourt. The most common image of him was that of Nadal's successor on clay, then comes the success at the US Open and the two closing acts at the Finals," Filippo Volandri said.

Volandri also highlighted the improvements Dominic Thiem has made in his net game, and asserted that is the best player at the moment behind Nadal and Djokovic. "Dominic Thiem has worked hard on his game, since last year he has started to go to the net a lot, if in 2019 he was often wrong, to date he has worked on those defects allowing him to be very solid even in that area.

Medvedev was the best player of the ATP Finals, but behind Nadal and Djokovic at the moment there is first Thiem and then the Russian," Volandri added. "The generational change is already underway. In addition to the Big 3, there will be other names in the big tournament favorites roster.

Novak Djokovic will win other Grand Slams, Rafael Nadal on clay can continue his domination, let's see Roger Federer next year," Volandri stated. "But earlier if there were only the big favorites, now the others, like Dominic Thiem, Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev, can really go all the way to a Grand Slam and win.

There is room for them too," he continued. Volandri also spoke about 19-year-old Italian tennis sensation Jannik Sinner: "He's a 19-year-old boy. He has significant room for improvement. If you ask me if he plays the Masters next year, I tell you I hope so but it still seems early.

We also give him time to grow, there are players who reach the top early but it takes years to take that further step forward," Volandri said. "Take Dominic Thiem, two years ago he took home a Masters Series but he had to work for another two years to confirm himself as one of the best in the world," the 39-year-old concluded.