'Djokovic is looking for something extra over Roger Federer and Nadal', says legend

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'Djokovic is looking for something extra over Roger Federer and Nadal', says legend

Another year is about to go to archive and although we had a new Grand Slam champion and a new champion at the Finals, things at the top of the rankings have not changed. Novak Djokovic will close 2020 at the top of the rankings for the sixth time in his career, breaking Pete Sampras' record.

Behind him is Rafael Nadal, who has collected five seasons in front of everyone. For the Spaniard, however, this is also the seventh year finished in second place. Adding up the two statistics, twelve seasons come out closed in the top 2: thus he detached Roger Federer, who shared with him the primacy at eleven.

Nadal essentially finished first or second in twelve of the last sixteen years. Only in 2012 (year of the knee injury) and in 2014, 2015 and 2016 was he left out. This record is paired with 562 weeks (as of November 26, 2020) in the top 2, 34 more than Federer, always second.

Djokovic, on the other hand, despite having finished several seasons at number one in the other Big Three, only three times has he finished in second place. However, the Serbian has a great opportunity to grab the most important record in terms of ranking: the amount of weeks in first place (now held by Federer, 310).

He could get over it on Monday 8 March. Henri Leconte believes Novak Djokovic is looking for something extra over rivals Federer and Nadal, who are more popular. The Frenchman went on to claim that while Djokovic can come off as awkward at times, he is also incredibly generous.

Leconte on the Big 3

In a recent interview, Henri Leconte pointed out how Novak Djokovic is a unique person who is always trying to do something 'different' from his peers. "Novak Djokovic is a person who needs to be loved.

He does not have as much popularity as a Rafael Nadal or a Roger Federer. Novak is always looking for that little extra over his two rivals. He wants to be different and he is different, he does not have the same thinking and the same vision," Leconte said.

According to Henri Leconte, Novak Djokovic's comments can come off as awkward at times because he tends to speak his mind. "Yes, sometimes he's awkward," Leconte said. "But we all have the right to be clumsy.

He is someone who has the audacity to say certain things. He made mistakes that cost him dearly. Afterwards, the way of saying it can be improved and I'm the one who says that. But he is also someone of incredible generosity when you see what he does for children in Serbia or for his foundation. This is what makes him charming too," Leconte said.