'Roger Federer always has everything under control', says WTA star

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'Roger Federer always has everything under control', says WTA star

After the recent statements by Gilles Simon, also present in his recent autobiography, on the possible French mission to create a new Roger Federer with targeted training and a predilection on the part of the transalpine coaches for a specific type of training, they have generated many discussions.

and a long debate opened. In the wake of this issue, Cyril Cornu, a well-known coach especially in Switzerland, intervened for the website “We love tennis”. Cornu, very close to the Roger Federer clan, wanted to express his personal opinion on the matter, offering an interesting point of view not dealt with in previous debates.

The reading of the coach's problem has in fact focused not so much on the tennis and therefore purely technical aspect of Federer's game, but has emphasized how difficult it is to replicate the athletic preparation that distinguishes the Swiss on the pitch.

Meanwhile, Belinda Bencic recently talked about Roger Federer's friendly nature and his ability to deal with fan attention. The WTA star also expressed her desire to play with Federer in the mixed doubles event at the Olympics next year.

Belinda Bencic on Roger Federer

Belinda Bencic began by describing Roger Federer’s friendly and composed demeanor when he interacts with his numerous fans. She recalled in particular her time at the Hopman Cup, where she saw the 39-year-old’s top-notch social skills with her own eyes.

"Roger Federer is so easy-going. He always has everything under control, which I saw first hand at the Hopman Cup,” Bencic said. “He (Federer) always manages to greet everyone,” Bencic added. “I'm overwhelmed when two people want something from me at the same time”.

Bencic did point out, however, that her compatriot might not have been as socially adept when he was her age (23). Federer has years of experience of dealing with the celeb life, which Bencic doesn't think she will ever manage to accumulate herself.

“But Roger must have learned to deal with it first,” Bencic continued. “At 23, he probably couldn't do that. I couldn't live like him." Bencic also stressed on the importance of both players being fit for the Olympics.

“I'm ready, it's just up to Roger now (laughs),” Bencic said. “No, nothing has been decided yet, everything is still very far away for me. The Olympic Games remain one of my big goals - in singles and maybe also in mixed. If we stay healthy, I would like to compete with Roger."