'He is always looking for that little extra over Federer and Nadal', says ATP ace

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'He is always looking for that little extra over Federer and Nadal', says ATP ace

Novak Djokovic had an excellent 2020 under the competitive profile, as the Serbian phenomenon grabbed his 17th Slam by triumphing at the Australian Open and has long remained undefeated until the sensational disqualification remedied at the US Open.

The Belgrade veteran finished the season at number 1 ATP for the sixth time in his career, thus equaling the record of his idol Pete Sampras. Thanks also to the new ranking system induced by the global pandemic, Nole has a very good chance of breaking Roger Federer's record by weeks at the top of the rankings.

For Djokovic, it will be enough to stay on top until 8 March 2021 for the overtaking to materialize. At the same time, Novak ended up at the center of the controversy for some initiatives outside the pitch, such as the unfortunate organization of the Adria Tour and the creation of the Professional Tennis Players Association which sent the ATP into a rage.

In a recent interview with Tennis Actu, former French star Henri Leconte explained how Djokovic's main goal is to stand out from his peers.

Leconte on Novak Djokovic

"Novak Djokovic is a person who needs to be loved.

He does not have as much popularity as a Rafael Nadal or a Roger Federer. Novak is always looking for that little extra over his two rivals. He wants to be different and he is different, he does not have the same thinking and the same vision," Henri Leconte said.

According to Henri Leconte, Novak Djokovic's comments can come off as awkward at times because he tends to speak his mind. Leconte himself has earned plenty of flak for his blunt comments over the years, but the Frenchman doesn't see any problem with that.

"Yes, sometimes he's awkward," Leconte said. "But we all have the right to be clumsy. He is someone who has the audacity to say certain things. He made mistakes that cost him dearly. Afterwards, the way of saying it can be improved and I'm the one who says that.

But he is also someone of incredible generosity when you see what he does for children in Serbia. This is what makes him charming too," Leconte said. Post the resumption of tennis, Djokovic has not had the best of results on the court.

The Serbian star has been involved with matters of the court too. Novak was disqualified from the US Open this year as he hit the ball on a lineswoman. The Australian Open champion even left the ATP Player Council and established the Professional Tennis Players Association in hope of voicing the concern of players who were less privileged.