'We have to see at what level Roger Federer will be able to express', says legend

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'We have to see at what level Roger Federer will be able to express', says legend

Gilles Simon's promotional tour goes on at a fast pace, rattling off anecdotes, stories, personal opinions and even some stances that frame the personality of the French tennis player in a new and interesting frame. Many statements that attracted the attention of the press, fans and insiders, many pages of Gilles' experience that we did not know and that the French told us, sometimes even with unexpected tones and a bittersweet aftertaste, in his first literary effort.

Among his latest statements we note in the notebook the words of Simon released to Blick, through which the French workaholic spoke once again about Roger Federer. This time, the focus was on the image of himself that the Swiss exhibits off the pitch.

An almost perfect, clean image. Never a word out of place, Roger appears as everyone's friend, ready to dispense advice and offer his experience to grow his sport through what he believes to be the values ​​that have made him one of the most loved sportsmen of the new century .

All this without ever forgetting the love for family and the pleasure of having fun, like when he was a kid. In short, the Swiss champion has always appeared as what is called "a positive character" However, according to Simon's words, in the role play, Roger had to build a character that doesn't always reflect his everyday ego.

The disposition we know of Federer is undoubtedly the same that his friends and family recognize in his private life, however what Simon believes is that the twenty-time slam champion shows in his public appearances a certain perfection that does not really belong to him.

It is normal that not all that glitters is gold, fans know this; it would be utopian to think that Federer has no flaws or is always in a good mood. Without taking anything away from the extraordinary person who is the Basel tennis player, Gillou seems to want to underline how the role of a public figure in front of the cameras requires greater rigor, which leads you to show not only your positive sides, but also those particularities.

that represent you and that people love you. Meanwhile, former Italian player Paolo Bertolucci picked Novak Djokovic as the favorite to win the most Slams, ahead of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Italian also assessed Federer's chances of competing for big titles after he returns to the tour in 2021.

Paolo Bertolucci on the Big 3

“Yes (Novak Djokovic will end up with more Slams), even if he got disqualified from the US Open,” Paolo Bertolucci said. “The freshest of the three remains (with the best chance).

But I wouldn't be surprised if they finished in a tie for the Slams”. The Italian isn’t counting Roger Federer out just yet, and wants to see him in action before making a more advanced judgment. “It's very, very difficult, because it's been four years, but it's also true that for others it would be twice as much (difficult),” Bertolucci said.

“Yes, he will have a chance too, but we have to see at what level he will be able to express himself, how he will return after the operations”.