Roger Federer: 'That helps me to squeeze the extra 1%'

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Roger Federer: 'That helps me to squeeze the extra 1%'

Roger Federer played in only one official tournament this year - the Australian Open last January - before undergoing a double surgery on his right knee that kept him stationary for the rest of the season. Thanks also to the delicate situation linked to the global pandemic, the Swiss phenomenon has decided not to force recovery times and to take all the time necessary to get back to 100% shape.

The former world number 1 is expected to return to the Australian Open 2021, perhaps destined to be postponed by a couple of weeks to allow players to arrive in Australia and carry out the quarantine. Thanks to the new ranking system introduced to face the difficulties of recent months, the 20-time Grand Slam champion was able to maintain a place in the Top 5.

During a long interview with Courts Mag, the 39-year-old from Basel explained in detail how he did it. to stay motivated despite all his successes. Federer admitted that having a cohesive team is one of the keys to a player's longevity.

Roger Federer on how he remains motivated

"As a player, it's about how you can keep the fire burning. I’ve been to tournaments say the Cincinnati for 20 straight years, I’ve been to Wimbledon for 20 times," Roger Federer said.

"You want to keep it as successful as you can. You want to really have that fire burning to win every single point, every single game, every single match and beyond." Roger Federer added that having his team with him is extremely important to extract the most out of his potential.

The Swiss' team includes long-time coach Severin Luthi as well as former World No. 3 Ivan Ljubicic besides other members of his support staff. "To be able to keep that going, I need a really strong team," Federer said.

"That helps me to squeeze the extra 1%, 10% out of me and remind me to bring the energy to the next match. In terms of physicality, just listening to the body’s signs and managing a good schedule." Over the years the logo 'RF' has been associated with Federer’s success on the court.

With Roger Federer becoming a brand in himself, the logo was a great addition to it. But the switch to Japanese brand Uniqlo in 2018 caused an ownership dispute of the logo between Federer and Nike. During their partnership, Nike used the logo extensively and kept evolving it.

Nike had registered the ‘RF’ logo as their trademark in 2009. But now finally in 2020, Roger Federer got full ownership of the logo. Now expect Uniqlo to use the logo in other forms of clothing as well.