Roger Federer: 'Just the planning skill and also patience is a lot of work'

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Roger Federer: 'Just the planning skill and also patience is a lot of work'

Roger Federer has been forced to miss much of this anomalous season due to a severe right knee injury. An injury that required the aid of an operation, performed last June, which nevertheless gave a positive outcome. The Swiss champion has been back in training for about a month and has the next edition of the Australian Open in his sights.

"Rehabilitation? It's been a long way, thanks for the question. I feel improvements: not day after day, but week after week. If I look back, I see a great improvement,” Federer said to update fans about his current condition.

Roger Federer recently spoke about how he remains motivated to compete despite having spent more than 2 decades on tour. The Swiss legend is slated to return to the tour in January 2021 after an 11-month injury lay-off.

Roger Federer on his younger days

"I think organizing the entire family to get on the road, takes major organisation.

Just the planning skill and also patience and all that stuff is a lot of work. As long as all of it is worth it and kids are happy on the road and we have a good time it's all good," Roger Federer explained. The Swiss added that he has been able to extend his career due to the sheer hard work on the court that he put in during his younger days.

But now that he is in the twilight of his career, Roger Federer focuses on the quality, rather than the quantity of practice. "Well I think in the beginning when you are younger, you have to put in the hours," the World No.

5 said. "You have to be able to stay focused on the court and prove yourself. You have to stay focused on the ball and not be bored by how many hours you are doing in a day. Later, you know it all, so you don’t have to work on it as much anymore.

But definitely more into quality over quantity when you are older." Anyone entering Australia has to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. Many players are opposed to this, as they wouldn’t be allowed to train during those 14 days.

Some players like Daniil Medvedev even called it ‘dangerous’ to play a Grand Slam after such a quarantine. This is why Tennis Australia was seeking an arrangement where players would be allowed to train during the quarantine.

It seems like they have succeeded as it was recently reported that the Victorian Government has given them permission for this. Players will have to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and they could be disqualified for not doing so.

However, they will have no problem with this as they will be glad that they can train before one of the biggest events in the sport.