'Roger Federer makes us dream', says ATP legend

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'Roger Federer makes us dream', says ATP legend

With a video posted on his social media profiles, Roger Federer announced the great return of the “RF” branded caps. Tennis fans and the Swiss in particular will therefore be able to purchase the new exclusive Uniqlo product, available in various colors as explained by the champion himself from Basel.

This is an important return, given that initially the logo did not immediately follow its "master" in the transition from Nike to Uniqlo. In a recent interview, 2-time Grand Slam champion Henri Leconte spoke on whether Federer would be able to make a successful comeback or not.

Leconte on Roger Federer's return

“We want to believe it. We all want to believe it! It’s been a long and difficult year. Will the motivation still be there? Will this break, the fact of having been able to enjoy his family, have changed something or will Roger Federer still have that renewed motivation that has always fascinated us? No one can say it,” told a hopeful Henri Leconte in the interview.

“We all wish him. We would like him to stop on a Grand Slam title. But, the train is gone with this young generation which has put in an extra speed,” continued the 57-year-old. “I would like to believe it. Roger has done so many things, that’s why he makes us dream, that we would like to see him at the top.

It will be very, very hard…” concluded the former French player Leconte. There are eight different colors of the new ‘RF’ cap. The cap has the iconic ‘RF’ logo in front and the ‘Go Roger’ logo at the back.

“After a long wait and extensive fine-tuning, UNIQLO and I are extremely excited to announce the return of the RF hat in 8 fresh colors starting December 8th, 2020”. Federer in his message to fans. Further in his message, Federer acknowledged how much the cap is adored by him and his fans.

Since Federer switched to Uniqlo in 2018, the logo has been missing and fans have been wanting to see it back. “This hat has meant so much to me and to my fans over the years. It has given us a way to visibly connect, and I have appreciated the opportunity to thrive off this supportive energy”.

However great Federer is, it would not be easy for him to play against some top-quality players. What becomes even more challenging is the fact that Federer will bee making a comeback after a year.